Does it matter which end is connected?

I recently purchased some used speaker cables but was not able to locate any directional arrows for connection. I also discovered my inter-connects have been connected the wrong direction. Does it really matters which direction the signal is traveling on the same materials. I can see if it's directional tire treads. I'm relying on you experts.


Look up cables directionality in the archives. This has been hashed out many times and yes, wire is directional. Whether it really affects the sound THAT much is up to you to decide.
Interconnects sometimes have the shields tied to ground only at one end, and hum may be reduced if the wires are used in one direction vs the other direction. (And not always in accordance with the arrow).

Speaker wires are another thing altogether. Question to those who think that direction matters...What do I do if my power amp is bridged, so that both wires are Hot?
Steve yes it really does matter. When cables have no arrows on them, simply connect such that the signal flows in the direction of the printing on the cable jackets

so people really can make up and say anything they want to on the internets...geez..