Does it make sense to run a 3k cartridge on a 2k table?

Pretty much exactly as the title says.
What do you think?

Kiseki Purple Heart on a Nottingham Analog Spacedeck?

What do you do?

Cart to table ratio?
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No problem. I’ve run Koetsu Onyx on a 25 year old SOTA Star. It was awesome and yes the Onyx was able to show off and beat up on more modestly priced cartridges. But be aware that tonearm and phono stage quality & matching will become much more crucial to get the most from your high-grade cartridge - THAT’s where you can get into trouble, and you need to do your research. The Fidelity Research arm I had on that SOTA made the pairing work.

Honestly once you get to a solid deck like that (Space Deck should be nice) you can run away a little with the cartridge if you’re careful.
That's kind of what I was thinking myself Tbh.

I am pretty sure the Spacedeck is my keeper.

Running standard Spacearm on it and using a Walker speed controller.

My thought process was along the lines that I was mote likely to hear a decent sq increase with a more upmarket cart than changing out the table.

Always nice to know I am only slightly crazy and in good company.

Present phono is Goldnote ph10 which is very flexible.
Have you considered the Blue? 

A considerable step down from the Purple Heart in cost, but still a very good performer. I hear it as a neutral, convincing cart on my setup.

Personally, I won't  go over half the retail of my table.

Another cart that performs above its price, is the  Audio Technica ART 9. I used one prior to the Blue, and it's another 1K less than the Blue. I have the Blue because the opportunity to get the Blue for a great price presented itself.

While I like the Blue more than the ART9, I don't think it's worth over 2X retail cost.

Presumably, your phonostage is up to the task for your next cart?
And these are the thoughts I was inviting.

Who spends what on carts vs table price.

I am thinking that once you have a certain level of table then as long as arm and phono are up to the task then why not spend more on a cart?
To add to my prior post, I currently run a table that retails for 28K (without arm), and though I love it - I'd encourage you to get the cartridge you really want first. By all reports your Gold Note phono stage is great, and won't hold you back here. And generally I find that diminishing returns don't kick in yet at the $2K cartridge level, though of course there are always exceptions. 

Really, when you get that next-level cartridge which opens your eyes...nothing finer :)
I have a Kiseki Blue on my $550 JVC QL-Y66F and think it sounds great. I wouldn't put this cartridge on my Music Hall 2.2, but the JVC is a good enough table to let the Kiseki sing. 
I think it is not actually a question :) 

What is someone will ansrew "NO", will you return your cartridge ? 

The price check is relevant only if we comparing brand new products from the shops. But we're all know how good are some vintage DDs for example, comapred to the prices for modern cartridges they are very cheap. 

If you will say $20k cartridge on $2k turntable then it would be stange choice, but $2k versus $3k doesn't looks strange (imo). 


I agree with you on this. Don't be afraid to put an expensive tonearm on your turntable. Your cartridge can't perform properly without a well matched high quality tonearm.

uberwaltz OP  "I am thinking that once you have a certain level of table then as long as arm and phono are up to the task then why not spend more on a cart? "
Of course it is a question and a good one I thought to see what others do and their thoughts
No I will not be returning a cart as I have not bought one of that caliber yet, hence this thread just to see what others do...…...

A very valid point as to tonearm.

Is the standard Spacearm good enough to support a multi thousand dollar cartridge?

I truly do not know, what I do know as that I have stepped up in value of carts I have been impressed at every stage. I have only bought carts that are a theoretical good match with arm according to VinylEngine calculator.

Running a Lyra Dorian and/or a Scheu Analog MC right now.

Tbh I have not even checked if the Kiseki Purple Heart is a good match it was just a good example to use for thread purpose and is at least on,my consideration list.
Spacearm (iirc) is a fairly light effective mass arm. So you'll need to be careful to match up well. And I mean not just run the numbers through a calculator but also search user experience.
When the day comes where these components are so readily available and people have so much time and energy they are able to mix and match and compare everything under the sun regardless of price then questions like this will matter. Even then they will argue, debate, criticize, and second-guess. (Were all your comparisons double-blind???!) Someone I suppose even then will say we have to be triple-blind, not even knowing what anything costs. Probably someone will say this should all be provided for free, for those who are unable or unwilling, etc etc.

Or you could just try something better, and if you like it, buy it, and enjoy it, and not worry whether its "too good" for the imperfect arm, table, amp, speakers, world its in.
I am of the opinion, fwiw, that while you can and likely will get an improvement with the KPH on that deck, in the abstract it is best to put the money in the turntable/arm and phono stage and only then turn to expensive (>$1,000) cartridges. 
I won't go into my personal specifics but I have learned this first-hand. A humble Benz Glider can absolutely sing on a great deck with a great phono stage and it will sound only good on a lesser deck/phono stage. I could substitute any number of other cartridges for the same first-hand experience. As you go up the ladder of disproportionate spending, you will get less and less of the cartridge's potential performance. 
It is totally natural to look for audio-nirvana with vinyl by looking to exotic cartridges. For the dollar, you get much more investing that money in the deck and/or phono stage than in a cartridge. A lot of that premium dollar spent on cartridges goes to labor and not materials. 
fsonicsmith's perspective resonates with me.

The OP's gear is good. The proposed cart, and others at that level however, may not be fully exploited  with the present setup. The next level phonostage at minimum, should be considered.

The mentioning of the ART9 was for this very reason. $1K cart that punches above its price point like the table/phonostage.

There are other carts in that price point I have tried-Benz Glider, Sumiko Blackbird. The ART9 addressed more of the audio geek requirements, and was still convincing in presentation.
Hi uberwaltz,
as long as the phono stage can translate that, yes.
NAS is a very capable TT.