Does it make sense to go for Pass 0.2 ?

Hello, I currently have Pass preamp X2.5 with Pass X150.5
I was offered a deal to swap my X2.5 + amount of cash for an used Pass X0.2.
The question is : does this make sense considering the power amp I have ? What will I gain if I did this move ? What will change ?
In addition to the above, I have cd player Cary 306 SACD as a source and Avalon Opus Ceramique as speakers.
Cheers and thank you for your input.
what are you looking to gain? I think if you upgrade your amplifier to X250.5 or X350.5 you would gain more than you would from the preamp swap. JMO.
Agree with Audphile1
I have used Pass X2 (original) and X0.2 with both X150 and X350.5. X0.2 is noticeably but not earth-shatteringly cleaner and quieter. Both preamps paste a big grin on my face, and the X150 still rocks big-time. Of course, X0.2 + X350.5 is "the" combo to beat here in the Weasel Works. Should I sample XA60(.5)s? hmmmm...
cheers apo

ps the X0.2 is the, Best, headphone amp, like EVER. Cooool.
Hi Mikefi,

I've been playing around with various amps and preamps lately to drive my Avalon Opus (not the Ceramique version). I have been finding more of a difference between the various amplifiers than the various preamplifiers. I haven't tried the older X1 / X0.2 series, so I don't know the difference between them, but I have been listening to the XP-10 as a possible upgrade.

Still, the difference between the preamps has not been as great as the differences between the Pass X250.5 and the Pass XA100.5. So, from my experience anyway, it would make more sense to wait and do an amplifier upgrade instead of a preamp upgrade.

I have upgraded many Pass amps and preamps. Sonic rewards can be had with either upgrade path. Having said that, you should be able to find a used or demo XP-10 preamp for less than the price of a used XO.2, and I've read that it is better. My XP-20 is certainly much better than my old X-1 was. You could also consider selling both the X150.5 and the X2.5 to get the used INT150 here on Audiogon saving you a box and cable and probably improving the sound.