Does it make sense?

I have a Belkin PF60 power conditioner. I'm pretty happy with it, but...
I want to upgrade the power cords of my Bryston BDP-1, Bryston BDA-1 DAC and W4S STP-SE preamp, all plugged into the Belkin. The Belkin has a fixed power cord, with only 14 gauge cables.
Does it make sense to upgrade the components cords or should I replace the conditioner first? The other option I'm thinking of is upgrading the cord of the conditioner, but this involves some work.
YES and NO! You would probably hear an improvement(given the right cords), as everything is incremental, but- the present conditoner will be choke point, for the rest of the system(get a better one). Personally; I wouldn't bother replacing the cord on it either. You have nothing to lose, by experimenting though. You'll be buying new PCs for everything anyway, right?
Read Bryston statement about power cords first.
From looking at all your components I think the Belkin PF60 is more than enough to handle them as is. Nothing in your list of components really calls for a lot of electricity from the socket. I wouldn't change anything to be honest. What do you feel is missing from the sound of your system in its current state? What is your budget for a power conditioner? How about changing the wall outlet to a Porter Port outlet and then plugging the Bryston amp directly into it. Then you would plug in the Belkin in the same outlet but only having the sources and preamp plugged into PF60.

Your amp would have all the power it needs with the added benefit of the Porter Port. Your front end gets the benefits of the PF60.
Jedinite24, I don't have a Bryston amp, just the DAC and the BDP1 (digital player).
Right now, I have my preamp, my Oppo BDP95 and the Bryston combo plugged to the Belkin. My idea is upgrading all the power cords that goes into the Belkin, but I'm a little concerned abaut the quality of the fixed cord that comes with it.
Interesting question. Long term the Belkin (and its cord) is a limiting factor but I have some questions before commenting further. What cords are you using?Those that came with the components? What prices do you budget for new cords? If you buy a new conditioner what do you plan for the Belkin. What feature of your sound are you trying to improve with the p/c upgrades? I hope to help.
Hi Leog2010

Sorry about the mix-up. I'm not that familiar with Bryston stuff as a majority of their products are out of my price range.

A couple of my family members and friends have the Belkin PF60 and never thought twice about the captive power cord that is used with it. Some how higher powered gear with PF60 others have moderately powered gear with it and have had no issues SQ wise with it.

To add onto Ptss questions. What power cord are you thinking about using to replace the captive cord of the PF60? What power cords are you going to use and or are currently using with your current equipment? If there are really no issues with sound quality why change? All those components don't draw gobs of power that would warrant an uber large AWG power cord I think.

Another thing to think of is if you do the power cord change to the Belkin it's re-sale value will go down even further. That and you will definitely void the warranty or void the guarantees they have on surge protection.

I think rather than go through the power cord swap on the Belkin just sell it and buy something from BPT, Richard Gray, Furman, or Shunyata depending on your budget. With most of these other makers you can choose the power cord you like. From my experience I've really liked using Pangea AC9 power cords on my power filters. They are a bear to route but to me they worked great.
I found it interesting that the component, in my system, calling for the least electricity of my socket(my phono stage @ <2A), exhibited the greatest improvement, through the use of a Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuse and an upgraded power cord(Zu Mother Mk II). The differences were not at all subtle either.
I've just ordered 2 Triode Wire Labs 7 plus for my Rogue Apollo power amps. Additionally, 2 Pangea AC-9 SE for my subs.
I'm gonna install the Triodes power cords, and depending on the results, could be my option for the Belkin. the same applies to the Pangeas...
While you are experimenting with your new PCs: Compare your presentation with the Belkin out of the system completely, then with it only supplying your source and preamp(amps still direct from wall socket). BTW: Do you have dedicated lines to your listening room?
Yes, I do. 8 dedicated lines.