Does It Even Matter?

So I'm slowly building a second system for the basement, and streaming music will be a source for it. Though I much prefer vinyl and CD, it's like a necessary evil these days. I bought a Logitech Bluetooth audio receiver and it does ok. My question is will something like the Amazon Link give me better sound. I've heard folks say if it's digital, it's all the same, digital in digital out. But what do you think? Should I get the Amazon Link or stick with the Logitech? Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!
Audioengine just introduced a WiFi streamer with their 24 bit DAC module for $179.00. While not the last word, might be a step up from Logitech BT for less than a Node2i, which I use with a Mytek Liberty DAC, but that’s $1549.00 plus a coax cable. 
No matter how you cut it your room will change everything. I would start with a Bluesound 2i 
I use a couple of different WiFi receivers. One is wired via rca to a preamp, the other is coax to a multibit, Schitt dac and then rca to an integrated amp. I use both of them to receive Amazon HD music from my iPhone via Airplay. Both sound good to me and outperformed my Bluetooth receiver. 

One was around $45, the other was around $75. I have not compared them to a Bluesound unit.

My point is there are several options available, of course at varying prices and performance levels.

Bluetooth’s physical & frequency range will eventually always give you problems in the long run, especially if you have any other 2.4G devices running physically within its vicinity.

Try & use category 6 or greater DIRECT ethernet line for all your sources. If you need more than one connection, use a learning bridge like the one here (plug & play):

Your results will always be better.