Does it / Do they pass the wife test? Speakers

I am looking for some speakers that can pass the preverbial wife test(if there is such a thing). I had some kef 104/2's (that I really liked by the way) that were "too big". Are there some great sounding monitors/speakers that would fit in the "approved Category"?. Used or new!
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My wife likes her Triangle Titus's, also, I haven't yet met a lady who does not like our Martin Logan SL3's, FWIW.
Used to have the same problem until I got a room dedicated to audio. But while my stuff was in the living room I found speakers with a sloped appearance satisfied the wife. Thiel 1.5s and Meadowlark Kestrels were her favorites. Not too large and the slope makes them seem smaller than they are.
She's a good wife though because when we were negotiating with builders for a new home, she would always ask about dedicated A/C lines for my listening room.
Devore Fidelity Super 8 with the Birdseye maple/Italian ebony finish.
I have had Maggie MGA IIIa', Spendor SP 9/1's and SP 100's, tall & thin Soliloquy 5.3's and stand mounted Soliloquy SM 2A3's, and everything in between and then I got a pair of vintage Quad ESL 63's (which normally have a dubious, at best WAF) with cherry top and bottoms and the original brown cloth and she absoultely loved them. Soooo "retro looking" she said, "not to mention their amazing sound". So go figure..
I think the only true WAF speakers are invisible. You need to try a different track. Pick the speakers you want, then ask her to choose between those and two much uglier speakers....just a thought.
It depends what your wife likes. If she likes nice hardwoods, find a good speaker with a really nice cabinet in her wood of choice. Try to minimize black screen cloth. My latest speaker selection, Meadowlark Ospreys, was okay with my wife because of their beautiful cherry cabinets. My wife hated my previous beloved Merlin 4+'s and the Vandersteen 2Ci's prior to that. No big black speakers for wifey!
Go for the Diapason Adamantes they are piece of Art.
When it comes to equipment/speakers that look as good as they sound, atleast to the female gender, think Italian or French. My JM Lab Mini Utopias have always been well received by women. If you're willing to consider used, the Minis are smaller than your 104.2s and are frequenly listed on Audiogon.
I convinced my wife I found a speaker that not only looks ascetically great but sounds great=non fatiguing.
She said go for it, and now is in love with the Seas Thor's.
Mind you it is s a kit, takes some time to put together. Other wise go for the Tyler's Systems or another of his design's.

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It depends entirely on the particular wife. My wife doesn't like small stand-mounted speakers, preferring floor standing speakers. She also doesn't like completely rectangular boxes, regardless of the quality of finish.

I suggest you show your wife LOTS of speakers and find out what appeals.

I agree with Kr4, most speakers are butt ugly.
Take a look at the Thor link provided at Madisound Audio, Not the Kit photo, the link photo. Other than the Thor's the best looking speakers I've ever seen are the entire Tyler line.
Two things:

1) How do they fit with the rest of the decor
2) How loud do they play

If they don't "fit" match the rest of the decor, they wont please her and if they play too loud (which is a subject of her moods) they wont please her.

Unless of course she is an audiophile herself, in which case the issue is usually the best sound for what you can afford (by her definition of afford)
I just bought a set of PD-80's from Tyler Acoustics. 18X14X65 inches @ 230 pounds each. My wife isn't strong enough to move them by herself, so I guess they're staying right where they are. Oh-oh, here she comes I gotta go!
Gershman Avant Garde RX-20.

They are 36" tall (not "in your face") pyramid shaped (unique) with a high gloss black finish (classy) accented by golden speakers (who has a wife that doesn't like gold?).

They will fit in with most decor and most waf.

Not that any of this ultimately matters, 'cause they sound like a million bucks!