Does ibook Mac won Wadia 270 really?

Dear Friends,
I have just read sensational web site, which reads
CD drive in a laptop blowed off Wadia 270.
Listening test was done under the following condition.

a. Wadia270-DCS Purcell-Elgar plus - Jeff R. -Avalon
b. HP Laptop-cheap($100)USB.DAC-Purcell-Elgar p. - JR -Av.

It looked a really apple to apple comparison, then
HP beated Wadia in all respects.
In fact, he, the owner of that system, sold out Wadia270 and is using only HP
as primary Transport since then.
Does anybody in audiogon support this results?

*Remark He used specialized power for the cheap DAC.
Can you post the url? Are you sure he was spinning the disc or was he reading off of his hard drive?
One blog which has further information says that there is no remarkabke quality difference heard between direct CD play and Riped replay by HD.

All related web and blog site are in Japanese, but
you can see the picuture at the very bottom of the follwing
Lots of people on here are interested in this kind of heresy.

Read Wavelength Audio's site for some info here:

Empirical Audio's site here:

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