Does High End In Wall Speaker Wire Exist?

So I'm in the process of reconfiguring my system after a recent move. My plan is to run a 25' pair of speaker wires through the 1st floor joists from my Sophia 3s to an equipment cabinet across the room. I'm trying to achieve a very clean and uncluttered look and avoid having anything between the speakers. With that in mind, I'd like to use in wall speaker wires that will do the Sophia3s justice. Any recommendations? Less than $7k please.
If you install a conduit such as Fiber Optic Innerduct in your walls you can run whatever you want point to point as long as you install a large size say 1" or larger. Keep your bends smooth and gradule and you can install or change wire in the future if you wish. If fire codes become a concern you can use PLENUM rated duct allowing any type wire in the duct to pass fire code.
Interesting - so run a conduit that passes fire code and then thread the speaker wires through the conduit. I think I'll look into that - thanks.
Transparent sells lengths of in-wall cable.
Analsys Plus and JPS Labs makes speaker wires for just that application.
I vote Transparent Cable, great match for Wilson speakers. You run lengths of their in wall cable and then it terminates at a wall plate. From there you connect short lengths of speaker cables with the network boxes on that cable to the wall plate and hook it up to your speakers. It's a great upgrade path too. Buy the best cable you can afford for the in wall portion and then upgrade the network boxed portion as funds allow. They have different levels of "tails" just like their normal cable line. Start with Super now and upgrade to Reference later.
Thanks guys - those are the three I started with and checking with the A'gon body of knowldege for additional options. I just took a look at the space in the basement and it is 1/2 exposed floor joist and 1/2 finished with a 1 foot air gap. Wonder if I really need in wall rated speaker wires?
I agree with Tubeking that conduit is the way to go.

It allows you an opportunity to change wires should you ever decide to change speakers, and the wires that work well now, don't with your future speakers.

My two cents worth.

PS I'd go with 2 inch conduit if you can. That allows you to use most cables, no matter what the thickness or stiffness.
í-AAGood Luck!
Thanks for the comments.
I've seen MIT in wall speaker wire.
No, any in the wall speaker cannot provide high quality sound.
Conduit is a great idea, then I would run the new Kimber 12tc, unterminated, to the speakers. That would sound, very nice, I think.
Speaking from experience, I would have put extra in wall conduits in. That way if you wish to change the placement of any equipment you have the options. You can always blook them off with blank wall plates or similar.
Good luck, John
Just replied on the other thread titled "hi fi in wall cable"

I tried the new Kimber 12TC - and it was good, but not able to handle the 25ft of in wall length I had.

The best solution I found was to use the remote sense capability of the Spectron amp (I did this with unused coaxial video cables).

Particularly in monoblock mode, the results were outstanding - almost as if the 25ft of speaker cable completely vanished!
Before you go ahead and hide speaker wires in the wall, set up the system with the wire and length you have in mind, and see what it sounds like.

I think you will find that 25 feet is not a good idea for speaker cables, regardless of the brand or model!

You are better off placing monoblock amps near the speaker, and running long interconnect cables. However, many preamps will not drive long interconnects- really the only way to do this right is to go to balanced line operation between the amp and preamp. Compared to the long speaker cables, you will hear an instant improvement in clarity, detail and bass impact.

Balanced lines, if set up properly, can be run to any length and the cost of the cable has no bearing on the sound of the cable, keeping in mind the caveat I imposed at the beginning of this sentence. By that I mean that if you have them set up right, 100 feet will be no problem and your investment in the cable need not exceed $300 for both channels.

The Sashas will totally tell you what I am talking about- this is not a subtlety!