Does Harbeth M30.1 Sound More Open That Its Predec

A new M30.1 user reported that the speaker is more open than the SHL5 which sounds laidback in comparison. My experience with the older M30 seems to be the other way round. To my ears the M30 sounds more shut-in and laidback than the airier SHL5.

I would appreciate if someone who has listened to the M30.1 can advise if it sounds substantially different from its predecessor especially in areas of transparency and openness.

Thanks in advance.
I think openess depends on many things,the most important here is the source,player cd,vinyl or dac
That was about the most useless response I've seen in a long time.
I would hold off until some reviews start to surface. Harbeth doesn't make superficial changes to their speakers so I'd imagine there's a substantial difference. Reviews are going to compare the two which will be a nice read to say the least.
I am not a dealer to writte every usefull comment in order to sell audio stuff:)