Does Harbeth Have Plans Penetrating PC Market?

With a soundbar?

Most 2.1 computer speakers in the market today sound horrible, and they are usually bulky since most come with a powered subwoofer. Soundbars are discrete and do not create clutter but are seriously compromised in terms of bass and clarity.

I was looking at this Edifier soundbar.

Looking at this tiny piece I wager the sound would be tinny as well.

Does anybody have any idea if Harbeth have thoughts of venturing into the computer market by producing a soundbar or something? A soundbar with dual 1.25" Radial drivers taking power off the USB port of a computer.
If you research Samson Studio GT active USB monitors, perhaps you'll find that it's hard to beat the price offered. Guarranteed to be superior to any sound bar.
I kind of doubt it, but who knows?
Why Harbeth?
Why not Vandersteen or Magnepan?

Anyways in this case it's hard to beat Samson Studio SG PC studio USB digital monitors for the price offered and performance for your computer desk even with no subwoofer.
Ryder, I know of many pc users already using 3's...
Why would dear Alan want to challenge that?
Thanks for all responses. We have several desktop systems in the house and will not be considering monitor speakers for this setup which is in the living room. It's either a soundbar or no speakers at all since the usage is mainly internet browsing. Moreover, the main hifi system is at the far of the room and it will be playing some tunes when the computer is in use.

Marakanetz, yes, not necessarily Harbeth and it can be any other audiophile companies. Harbeth pops up in my mind since the sound is usually warm, natural and lush and has that human touch to it, which is the opposite of tinny, hard and unnatural of most multimedia speakers.

Chashas1, the diminutive 3's are ideal and many people are using it in their computer systems. Nonetheless, for a very basic and simplistic setup where only soundbars will apply, or setups where no speakers are required, I suppose there can still be a market for good soundbars although most in the market now are usually made-in-China trash. Due to their shape and size, bass and sound quality are compromised. However, good soundbars may be possible if designers focus more on getting the mids and highs right.

Anyway I do realize it is a far-fetched aspiration, on the consumer's part, that Harbeth(or any other reputable audiophile companies) will consider dabbling in this portion of the market since it is mainly monopolied by multinationals or conglomerates. I think we'll see B&W, Vandersteen or Magnepan to come up with such a device first than Harbeth, if there is one available.
Pure speculation, but I'm guessing the answer is either no or hell no.

Dear Alan was so worn out with his last development that he didn't play music for months... (although he can't do squat on his own- its Derrick Hughes that does the work) that I hardly think he'll muster the strength to devise a computer bar...or have Derrick do it...
Chashas1, I noticed that most of your posts on Agon are Harbeth bashing comments. For months I've noticed this. Would you try and keep your opinion to yourself? If you don't have anything nice to say then why say it? I own Harbeth speakers and I love them but have never once in my life tried to convince anyone that they're good speakers. I don't need to read your insults every time I look through the speaker forum. Would you please grow up and act like an adult? You are the most negative person I've ever dealt with in my life. Put a freakin' sock in it already. PIE HOLE ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Odd comment, mr cake head, I have a pr of Harbeths at home.. Have for years.... And if someone said here's a new pr of Harbeth 5's and that's all you get the rest of your life I'd be quite content...
My snarkiness to Alan S is merely tongue in cheek, like many on here know Alan's marketing and protective ways...
Also, I did give a positive recommendation to the OP for the 3's...and it's true, many are using them in just that context...