Does Hannah Reid of London Grammar have the most captivating voice today?

I have recently discovered the group London Grammar and can't believe that I have not heard of them prior. The trio features Hannah Reid whom I feel has one of the most engaging and beautiful voices currently performing today. The music behind her is really well suited but it is clear, she is the reason for the groups popularity in England. "Hey now", "Flicker"  and "Interlude" among others are spellbinding.  Am I one of the few who appreciates this fine group or are there others among the Audiogon group?
Funny, was just listening to If You Wait before moving on to Xx when I came across your thread. :)
Thanks for the tip. I went to youtube and listened to a few tracks. I think she's different, but I didn't like her voice or find it moving. She has an interesting style; a pretty low register, and part of her style seems to be flirting with going off key sometimes. I can see why some people would really like her though.
Listened briefly to reubent's YouTube clip.  To me, Hannah Reid sounds a bit like Beth Orton.  If not already familiar with Beth, she might be a new vocalist the OP will enjoy.  
I am hoping that by secretly adding London Grammar's albums to my GF's iPod, she can be weaned from the "all Adele all the time" listening choice. May even sneak in some Cigarettes After Sex and Beth Orton (good idea @ghosthouse ) and set the dap to random play. 
Hannah has a wonderful voice. Just listened to two of their CDs. I like the first one better. I have enjoyed Beth Orton for years! 
Yes. London Grammar has been getting a lot of press lately and she has a fine voice. I second Ghosthouse’s Beth Orton recommendation. A couple of my friends in New York are crazy about a band called Cigarettes After Sex. They remind me of the Cowboy junkies and Mazzy Star which is not a bad thing. Here is one of their new singles called "Sweet"

▶ 4:52
Checked out a few of Beth Orton's and Cigarettes After Sex tracks. I enjoyed them both very much. They did not, IMO, display the same range, distinctiveness and emotion as Hanna. Thanks for the tip as it is always fun to discover and explore new artist of this similar style. Both will get streamed from Tidal often on my system.
Cheers and thanks to all.

Since you like Hanna’s voice from London Grammar, you may also enjoy Sivan Agam on Recycled Soul with husband Todd Mayhew collectively know as The April Maze. Her vocals are more prominently featured on this album. Their later albums feature Todd more prominently and have a different feel than ’Recycled Soul.’
Roxy, I did check out some of the you tube videos and I have to say, I agree with your assessment of the videos. The you tube quality and general lack of live recording quality and no doubt studio embellishment that is missing fails to convey the  captivating qualities that the studio recorded music has. If my only exposure to their music was through you tube, I doubt I would have started a post here. Still, I really enjoy their first cd a bit more than their second effort. 
I've been using "Hey Now" for demo since it came out.  Its a nice recording too, not a crowded or dense mix.  Like Fleetwood Mac Rumours, it is a very open mix and its easy to identify all the [well recorded] instruments.