Does GFP-710 sound better that older GFP-565

I am currently using an Adcom GFP-565, which, if not mistaken, was Adcom's top-of-the-line preamp when it came out. I recently, on an impulse purchase, obtained the current GFP-710, which is one model under the 750. Is there any reason I should think that because this preamp is much newer, that it would sound better than (or even as good) as the older high-end GFP-565?

The GFP-710 may offer a few features that were not available on the older 565, but in my opinion the 565 is the better sounding unit. The 565's were built by Adcom's long-time contract manufacturer in Taiwan, while the 710 (and all current Adcom models) are being built in China. My personal opinion, FWIW, is that the Taiwanese-built units had better quality control than the Chinese-built products. If you are happy with the 565, and don't particularly need the features on the 710, then I'd stick with the 565. If you decide to upgrade, I think you'd be better advised to buy the GFP-750, or another well regarded preamp from another manufacturer.
Thanks. The remote is kinda neat, but I want the best sound I can get. I even had an Adcom rep (emailed from their website) that, unless I wanted to go with the 750, I should just stick to the 565. But I wanted a second opinion, cause this guy also told me you couldn't bridge the 555II amps, but they have bridging built in.
Just purchased an Aragon 3005, cause I want to build a surround system, but until then, I'll keep using the GFP-565.
If you have both Adcom preamps, why don't you just compare them for yourself? Also, for what it's worth, I had an Adcom GFP-565 many years ago (before I really invested in this hobby), and, compared to most of the decent preamps made in the last 15 years, it's pretty awful. Any Audio Research, Pass Labs or Classe preamp, for example, will eat its lunch. But listen for yourself. Cheers. -- Ron
I think that Audio Xpress had several articles written by reviewer / DIY'er Gary Galo about upgrading this preamp via home-brew modifications. I know that the author and a few others that did a head to head vs an unmodified unit found the "new & improved" version to be FAR superior. This might be something worth checking into if you already like what the 565 delivers in stock form. Sean