Does Everyone Use 2 Phono Cables with SUT

I just learned a rather expensive lesson from my audio dealer. I always thought I only needed a phono cable from my turntable to my SUT. By adding another phono cable (not interconnect) from the SUT to the phono preamp, I got a nice improvement in “efficiency.” Everything just flows better.


I guess everyone uses 2 phono cables? 




Thanks for the update. Cables, especially phono cables, in my experience, can take 100 to as much as 250 hrs to break-in and open up based on the small signal going thru it. Have patience and enjoy.


Cool, thanks for the follow up :)

The Madake (at 0.23mV and 16 ohms) is not as efficient as most SUT-friendly MC's, but it's not impossible either. You'd typically expect coils less than 5 ohms for an output of 0.23mV (armatures using less ferrous material give less output). Optimally matching the Madake to a SUT is likely to be a delicate balancing act. I'd probably shoot for 20x. Not sure what the T2 is - sort of annoying they don't list the ratio bold and up front!

Well thanks OP for a very helpful thread. I’ve had an A23 Hommage T2 for several years now but I’ve always found it underwhelming. However I was using it with .5 meter A23 interconnects (and a Kuzma 4 point on the inputs). I had the intuition that the A23 ICs were over-damping the signal but I never got better results with other cables (all of them ‘interconnects’ too).


So I got re-inspired by this thread. As it happens there was a used pair of Kimber TAK cu phono cables available at a reputable shop near me. Apparently they have a capacitance of 47.1 pF in the 1m length - the ones I bought are 2 ft long. I swapped them in for the A23 ICs and sure enough I found a significant and positive improvement. Everything opened up, top to bottom, and now the T2 finally makes sense to me. I’m using it with a newly rebuilt EMT JSD 6 cart and will swap in a new Zu Audio/Denon 103 shortly. Very nice to get the value out of the T2 after all that time.

Hi Jollytinker,

You made my day. I’m glad this discussion was helpful.

I find the Auditorium SUT’s to be stunning when used as intended.

I’m still breaking in my 2 new phono cables and will report back shortly.