Does Eico ST-40 sound better than Eico HF81?

Any one hears Eico ST-40. Their price is much cheaper than Eico HF81 but their sound has no clue. Any one has any experience with them. They have more power than HF81 as 40watts VS. 14 watts.
I used to have one about 40 years ago. Wonderful amp. Its the only tube amp I wish I had back again.
The Eico ST40 has great transformers. The preamp section is very busy and requires many hours to refurbish. The 81 while only 14 watts is much less busy than the 40 and requires less attention but needs attention nonetheless.
Sound quality the 14 has the advantage but if you want quiet definitely the 14 unless you have someone modify or rebuild the ST40.
If you come across the HF14 which is the 14 watt monoblock you will be plesantly surprised. I once heard a pair driving a pair of Martin Logans. Interesting! I said it wouldn't and it did. What a suprise.
I have owned several ST-70's and have heard several ST-40's. The 70's extra watts help in the bass region. Have also heard an HF-81 over several years. Never was that impressed with it.

There are some great ST-70 mod sites; here's my favorite: