Does DigiVision Pic Enhancment work ?

My DVD video signal is projected with a Mitsubishi 55inch projection TV. Since many of us including me are never really happy with the picture quality, I would like to know whether you guys have any experience/opinion of the new 'lifesafer for large-screen TVs' DigiVision HT-70e which AA offeres recently. I am sceptical whether one can inprove the picture without increasing the resolution of the TV. The new system increases basically the contrast (edge) of pixels for 2 grand. Is it worth trying?
Yo Roger, Without knowing what DVD player or what model Mitsu TV you have, it's impossible to know if your setup is capable of delivering the s.o.t.a. picture from the DVD medium. If you have a recent progressive scan DVD player and a TV that has component video inputs and are using a good quality component video cable, then try a DVDO iScan (about $695) plus first. Generally the little iScan will outperform the set's internal doubler and give a smoother image. Friends tell me that the new DVP-S9000ES ($1500) DVD player from Sony has the best picture that they have seen. Maybe your local dealer will let you try one for a weekend. The only other suggestion would be to have the TV set tweaked by an ISF certified technician (about $150-$175). If you left it set at the factory settings, they are way too blue, too bright, and oversaturated in color. Also, make sure that the room lighting is not too bright or contrasty. I would try some or all of the above before I would go for the DigiVision.
Thankd for the suggestions. I am using a Pioneer DVD-909 DVD/LD player, a Yamaha DSP-A1 processor and a Mitsubishi VS-55705 TV. I have calibrated the system with the Essential Video DVD. My video connections are S-video; only the TV has component inputs. So, is the effect of the iScan or DigiVision dependent on S-video or component connections? What is an example for a good component cable (I have not seen a lot of choices being offered.)?
There is a successor for the iScan Plus: the iScan Pro. It just came out at the Vegas exhibition. You find the specs at It has additional component inputs and handles a lot of more formats. Thanks again for your suggestions.
Another option is replacing the screen. You can eliminate those small dots that you see by installing a better screen. The draw back is you need more control over your lighting as if you had a front projection tv.