Does digital affect analog sound??

By turning off your CD player, will your analog sound be better???? I always have my CD player on while listening to my record player. Last night I had it off and my record player seemed to sound better. Am I hearing things?????
Some say that digital equipment emits a "noise" that can affect analog. Obviously in your system it does. I have seen many power conditioners that isolate the analog from digital for this reason.
It isn't your imagination. Analog can be adversely affected by noise put back into the system, i.e. a backwave. Proper line filtering can take it out.
If my computer is turned on, my sound is bad on digital and analog. It must be putting something back into the power lines, or sending out radio waves, or what? It's in a different room, on a different power circuit because I have 3 dedicated 20 amp lines in my living room. When I listen to records, I shut off my Esoteric player, it does something similar to the computer, the sound is weak and soundstage is small.
CD players are a terrible source for noise and few line conditioners address noise issues properly. The only line conditioner I know of that isolates components and eliminates noise is the Foundation Research LC1 & LC2 they are bi-directional I might add. Meaning noise from a source cannot travel back into the system.

There designer is a noise specialist who sells his line conditoners to all sorts of industry not just audio. Bound for Sound rates these as the best out there and my ears tell me he is probably right.
Thanks for the advice. I thought I heard a difference.
CDP, DACs, Transports and FM tuners affect analog adversely......Each needs to be isolated from not only analog, but from each other. Best thing I have found to use to accomplish this is several Bybee modules, one for each non-analog piece.......I used to make something that would accomplish this, but it was very expensive if properly set up for a system and the only folks that were interested were those with very very good turntables and I assume others just turned off their tuners and digital pieces when they got serious about analog.........Nice to know that foundation research is making something that works in this case........
Digital signal affects your circuits. Digital output feeds back through your power cord. These phenomena are connected with the FCC regs on CD players. They broadcast. I had my CD on in my livingroom. I went out to buy some ice cream or beer or some such, and when I turned my engine over, the radio was playing the CD! For a second, I thought it was a coincidental play, but shortly figured out it was the same signal. I then observed that my portable radio also got the CD at a clean 25 feet! I also noticed my TV was ghosting my PC screen.
I have all my equipment (analog and digital) hooked to a PS Audio P-300 Power Plant. I can't notice any digital hash polluting my analog. I also have Versalab Woodblocks on all my equipment which strips RF. The only problem with turning off your digital is you're conatantly thermocycling the componants of your CD player.