Does Cu oxidation away from contact points matter?

I'm thinking specifically of bare copper component leads. If the contact points are soldered, would oxidation along the length of the wire have any appreciable affect on performance? Wouldn't the vast majority of current be carried through the "core" of the wire (that is, everything below the oxidized surfaces)?
Cupric oxide has a diode effect and should be avoided. If the cable has any "green" creeping down the insulation, toss it. Jallen
Kijanki, that makes sense to me.

Jallen, can you explain how this "diode" effect negatively impacts performance in this context?
Cables of this nature are typically low level performers and using inexpensive copper and dielectric. Subjectively, they sound harsh and irritating. I haven't spent any significant AB time evaluating their sonic liabilities. I have rebuilt power supplies with cupric infested copper and the wire had deteriorated to the point of breaks in strands. That was it for me. If it is green copper, its just not worth the risk. Litz copper will remedy the oxidation, and there are better grades of copper available. I like teflon/ silver/copper or teflon or the new high tech variant of teflon I have seen. Litz is not without some controversy like anything, so you must pick your poison. Litz is hard to terminate and needs a lot of heat to remove the enamel. Jallen