Does Conrad Johnson 17LS match Threshold T400?

I wish to buy a 2nd hand 17LS together with a 2nd hand T400. Is that a good matching combo? If so, what interconnect, as it seems 17LS demands special cables. If not a good combo, then what is a good match for LS17, and what is a good match for T400? Thanks.

The match is good with both having 1 or 2 major shortcommings but each helping those short commings. Everything has to do with value. If something sounds twice as good for 4 times the price it no longer sounds good. Please post what price range these are in and what else is in your system. Other good pre-amps with that amp are Berning, Quick Silver, NYAL, CAT, Encore, Blue Circle, LAMM, Thore, and VTL even though some pre-amps I typed are not the right way to spend the money due to the price range.
It will be a good match.
You should give about 2kilobucks for the amp and same for the pre.

Cables, you don't need no stinking cables. For me, for the money, it's copper and it's mogami. Of course it doesn't have nice designer name and it won't empty your wallet, but then think of all the vinyl and silver discs you can buy with the change.

Duane and Loontoon,

17LS sells at US$2,750, and T400 at US$1,860. As they are rather expensive, I have not yet made up my mind. My speaker is Spendor S6e and I am using a DVD player, which will also be replaced by a proper CD player.

like the other members have written - it depends on what YOU value. True the prices you quoted for the 2 used items are nearly $2K each but........they are w-a-y down from what a new product costs. You are getting some of the better electronics for, I would say, a very reasonable price.

Also, IMHO, iffffffffff you are going to spend nearly $2K on the power amp, instead of getting the T400, I would much recommend you get an Aleph power amp. You might lose a bit on the quantity of bass but you'll gain in its quality. There a few Aleph power amps for sale & a Aleph 5 or Aleph 2 monos (these are nearly $3K!) might do the trick w/ your Spendor speakers.
In comparison to any T series amp, the Alephs are far more open. Their midrange is to be heard to be believed - tube-like from a s.s. amp. If one of the Alephs on sale can drive your Spendors, you'll not regret the switch. I feel that an Aleph is a longer term keeper vs. a T series amp. Also, as it has been noted on several threads here on A'gon, the T series amps are NOT designed by Nelson Pass. They were all designed after he left Threshold. The Alephs are 100% Nelson Pass designs.

Thanks for your view.

Indeed I used Aleph 0 before. Nowadays it is rather difficult to find an Aleph in good physical condition. My criteria for a 2nd hand product is its outlook appearance : it must be in good shape. By the way, it is afraid a CJ with an Aleph may end up with a too soft sound.

I would probably buy the 17LS first and then look for the power amp afterwards.

I currently own 2 T400 amps. I paid $2,000 for each in mint condition. You need to be careful matching the pre-amp to the T400 if you are going to use balanced mode (recommended). The T400 requires a very low impedance output (less than 100 ohms) from your pre-amp in balanced mode.
I tried to match them with a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Tube pre-amp with no luck for that same reason. I matched them witha Threhsold T2 pre-amp and they sound great! I also sent the T2 to John Soderberg (Vintange amp repair) to be modified and it sounds even better. You can pick up a T2 for about $1850.

I hope this help you.