Does cold dry weather affect your SQ

Since the temperature has plunged into the twenties here, I’ve noticed the sound of my system thinning out with less body than usual.  Anyone else experienced this?
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You have forced air, if I remember. So, with the cold temps come lowered humidity. You might want to get a small humidifier and see if that helps.

I have cast iron baseboard heating, which is pretty dry too. I haven't noticed much difference in sound quality.
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At CES Allen Chang of Golden Sound and I placed bowls of ice water with roses in them 🌹 out in front of the speakers for a more transparent fuller sound.
Invariably, when I sense that something is 
"off," sound-wise, it's because I was too lazy to run the portable
air ionizer for a few minutes.  I think a key to consistently
good sound is treating the air in the room.

Make sense?
A good bourbon or scotch does the trick for me!🥃