Does classe amp run very warm even when idling?

I recently acquired a 1996 classe ca-150 amp thru a fellow from Audiogon.

However, I just turn the amp on and see if it works and left it idle for couple of hours. when I checked the heatsink area in the rear, it was very warm. Is that normal? Thanks.
I own two ca-150's and they never have run hot even after hours on end. I would suggest that you contact a local dealer and have them send it back to Classe. I have run mine in stereo and as mono's. Steve
They do tend to run a bit warm and even a bit hot if driven hard for prolong periods of time. This has been my consistant experience with all Classe amps I've owned; Seventy, 100, 101 and the 150.

However, if you have any concerns contact Classe', their service is second to none!
My 101 runs warm, not hot, and my 301 a bit warmer yet, even at idle. Neither gets nearly as toasty as my little Forte class A amp, but they're not as stone-cold as, say, the average SS preamp or Cd player.

Some amps run in class A mode up to a certain power level, then switch at higher power levels to class A/B. If an amp is in class A up to 30 or so watts -- the output devices are running at full power, the amp would give off a certain amount of heat continuously.