Does Chet Baker remind anyone else of Clifford Brown?

Particularly Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown along with Chet Baker Sings...




Not really with the possible exception of Clifford Brown with Strings, 

Have you not asked this exact question in the past?  Feels like deja voodo to me.  

I might have, but I"m not sure.

I definitely did not provide the links to the recordings though.


Well, there IS a remarkable similarity to the shape of the the melody of “Lullaby of Birdland” and the first couple of measures of “That Old Feeling”. The two tunes also share a similar style/time history. Perhaps those are the things that you are reacting to, because Baker the trumpet player sounds nothing like Clifford Brown. Especially on the two tunes you link in which Brown plays with a mute (and very little).

ALOT of players were gobsmacked at first listen of Clifford Brown so immitation=flattery. Chet Baker was cool, Clifford Brown was the Michael Jordan of trumpet players.