Does CDP Analog and digital work at the same time?

When I using a CD player ANALOG OUT (connected with an integrated amp) to play a CD, could I use the DIGITAL OUT (connect to a DAC) at the same time?
Generally speaking both the analog and digital outputs are simultaneously active. On some players you need to activate either one or both outputs in a setup menu.
In my experience, yes. Don't know what cdp you're using but it worked with the 3 or 4 different models I've tried.
My Esoteric player allows me to turn on or off the digital out, the same with my Sony scd777es sacd player.
Denon DCD-1560 will do both.
Only if you do not have an option to turn one or the other off with a button or menu, Then both are on all the time.

Particularly for CD DVD players, cover the unused RCA (digital or analog) with CARDAS type caps.