Does Cambridge Audio Azur 840e have volume issues?

I've seen some threads where people have discussed volume controller issues with the 840a. I'm wondering if the 840e shares the same problem with the volume knob control. Thanks.
I had that same problem, only I had the 640, not the 840. When you use the volume control on the remote it goes too far. It makes it very hard to get the volume control to stop when you want to.
Must be very nice unit then...
I got a response from a service center here in the Northeast. He said the following:

"Many of the existing units have already received the transformation.
As soon as the problem became known, Cambridge supplied us with the factory mod and we mofdified all remaining stock.
So, unless your unit is a very early unit, there's a high probability that it was modified.
If you want to verify if yours is an updated version, check the relay board inside the unit.
The original relays that were prone to failure were Masus brand.
The improved units have Omron relays."