Does Bryston SP-1 have 6 analog inputs ?

Does Bryston SP-1 have 6 analog pass- through inputs to use with a SACD player? And if not, what are my options?(To sell SP-1?, hope not).
You should contact Bryston, either by email or phone. I have done that recently, and they were real good about getting back to me right away. Besides, they designed the stuff...
Have it upgraded to SP-1.7 by Bryston.
There are six analog inputs labeled tape, vcr, ld, cd, dvd, and tv/sat on the back. And from the manual "The sensivity of these inputs is set to the industry standard of 2Vrms, which should accomodate the vast majority of available source components. In Bypass mode, the input sensitivity is equivalent to the BP-25 preamp." Hope this helps, if not the Bryston people are very good. Best, Charlie
Thank you all for the response. I did contact Bryston, and yes they are very prompt at responding back, the answer was short though- SP-1 does NOT have analog pass through, SP-1.7 does. Your point Texan is well taken, I guess I should contact Bryston again regarding using these inputs for a pass-through.Regards, Maril555