Does Bluesound have a new product launch coming?

I need another Bluesound Node 2i but have noticed blue sound has had recent discounts on their node 2i and specials on “recertified” units etc.  Sometimes this means a new launch is coming.  I’d rather have the new technology than the discount.  Does anyone know of an imminent product launch coming from these guys? 
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Ugh.... because I have several rooms with several systems and I want integrated streaming capabilities in all of them. “Why” do you care what I “need” ? 
Nobody "needs" 99% of the stuff audiophiles buy. Let’s be honest here.  We "desire" it.
OP, thinking about the question you asked, I did some searching and don't see any news about a successor product to the 2i. 
The OP just asked a simple question. Why can’t so many of you just answer the question? The extraneous questions and statements sound like you’re mimicking a bad parent
Puffboy wanted some insider info that makers conceal to maintain sales.
A semantics or grammar retort was not called for. Remember Bambi's
mother's useful counsel: "If you don't have anything nice (useful) to say 
keep your F-ing mouth closed". Okay I updated it some.

Meantime in the interest of assistance I have recently learned that
Innuos is soon to release a new version of its Phoenix reclocker.
No news on the rest of the line. Too bad as I am about to buy
one of their Zen units.