Does AudioResearch 150.2 need service

When I turn the 150.2 "on" I get a "pop" or slight static sound from my speakers. Also when I turn the amp on in a darken room I can see an ark inside the case at the on/off switch. I always warm the pre amp before activating the amp. The pop is not loud... I am the second owner...
Is this cause for a trip back to Audio Research???
I owned an ARC 100.2 and experienced what you are experiencing now with the popping noise from the speakers. I never looked in the case to see any arching. The guys at ARC said that slight popping is normal.

Since I could not stand the sound each time I turn on my system, fearing that over time it might ruin my speakers, I ended up selling it.
Most likely if its static,once the weather warms up it will stop ...If it doesn't stop once the weather warms up,its not static.........