Does Audio Logic have a website ?

If not what site has information on their Dac and other products?
No, as of my last check. Check the archives for a thread on the Audio Logic 34MXL, I believe that there was a post that had a link to a dealer's website which had some information about the Audio Logic products. That thread might also have Jerry Ozment's phone number, you can always call him with questions as well. I think they only now produce the 24 MXL and 34 MXL, not sure if they still make the two-box 2400. Great equipment, I still am likely to be keeping mine even though I have an EMM Labs CDSC/DCC2SE combination.
Here is a link that might help
How does the Forsell/AL combo compare to the Meitner?
Jerry does not have a website, nor does he advertise. He keeps his operation quite. If you are interested, I have a 24MXL that is posted for sale. I used it as a DAC with my ARC CD3 MKII, I think it improved on what was already very good performance of the CD 3.
I'm still evaluating them (the EMM Labs is so good on SACD I don't listen to CDs as much), but my initial impressions are that the soundstaging is about the same (both are enormous), the EMM Labs is just a little leaner tonally, but a bit more transparent overall and more articulate in the bass, while the Forsell/AL combo has a lusher, darker or "wetter" sound, perhaps caused by a slight bit of ripeness in the mid-bass (but not at all unpleasant or really otherwise noticeable). This latter quality makes a lot of CDs sound better than they might on other, hyper-detailed players. Dynamics for both are outstanding, but perhaps a slight nod to the EMM Labs in that category. As to how much of this is the transport vs. the DAC, I haven't tried running the respective transports into the other DACs yet. I'm really enjoying them both so much I don't take the time to analyze it, but I suppose I should if I want to decide whether or not to sell the Forsell.