Does Arcam P25 give enough power for Dynaudio S1.4

Just get a Dynaudio S1.4, which is 4ohms and Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB. I plan buy a Arcam P25 with give 100W in 8ohm ONLY, does the amp give enough power for Dynaudio S1.4? Can I connect P25 into S1.4 directly?
thx foe advise.
it will sound ok,dyns need and perform there best with some current behind will be wantin more juice.imho.
Based on my experience, Dyns are suckers for power. The more the better.
Bel Canto Evo2 is a good match with S1.4.
The P25 is a very good amp for it's price point, and can hang with quite a few more expensive amps out there, in my opinion. I own the Arcam Alpha 10P (100Wx2 @ 8ohm), which is the predecessor to the P25 and the (current model) P35.

I use it to drive my Hales Revelation Two's, in my approx. 15'x12'x8' living room, and it sounds great! The Hales, which are known to love power and have a similar specification (at least on paper) to your Dynaudios, sound awesome on this amp. (The Hales are a sealed, three-way, floorstander with 86dB sens, 6 ohm nominal impedence, with some dips to <4ohm in the mid-bass region).

The Arcam will nearly double-down into a 4-ohm load (>170W x 2) on dynamic music peaks. This is a high-current amp design and there is a lot of excess current on tap for musical peaks.

While there are more powerful (and more expensive) amps out there, I have never felt this amp to sound strained with my Hales on music or movies. I suppose if you have the funds and you prefer the Arcam brand, you could consider stepping-up to a pair of their P1 monoblocks, or you could consider bi-amping with two P25's or similar (if your speakers are bi-wireable, my particular model of Hales are not :(
Bi-amping won't necessarily make them play louder, but you should hear improvements in resolution, imaging, etc.

Of note: I did a great deal of experimenting with speaker positioning within my room setup (with a lot of help from the Hales reference manual) to optimize the interaction of the speakers with the room acoustics. Any speaker can sound "lean" if they are placed in or near a room null (or is that mode?) no matter how much power you give 'em. Pay attention to your speaker placement and this amp should rise to the occasion. JZ