Does Apple airport express work well?

I am considering purchasing one but have read a few reviews stating it cuts out periodicly. Do these people have something wrong in their setup or is that a problem with the unit? I have a PC and want to use Itunes to send music to my stereo. Any opinions good or bad?
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Long "audio" cables have high frequency roll off!

1000 GB ethernet cables routed through a house are a PITA, and give no advantage over "n" WiFi when streaming audio through an Airport Express or Extreme!
wifi is a distant 2nd choice when comparing wired to wireless. you claim the AE is the same speed as the extreme: for wireless sure, but how about wired? you can't compare that because the AE doesn't provide that functionality. also, with any wireless, the further away you are from the router the more signal degradation you will have. i can go further distance over wire with 'NO' degradation. 'N' wireless speed is very slow compared to gige. why would anyone want to go 'n' wireless over gige wired? security can be an issue with wireless, along with interference, connection times, etc.. every room in my house has a ethernet drop and i have multiple apple extreme\WAP devices. you are doing people an injustice to say that you can use the AE as a router when you only gat a portion of the router functionality in the AE.
I agree with you but wiring a house with cat5 today is expensive or a lot of work. Wireless N tx/rx above 200 mbps in the "real world" is more than adequate for the vast majority of applications including 24/96 music andhdtv- even at the same time!