Does anything better Jelco arm ~$1000

Been reading about the Jelco 850L and the other newer models as I look for arm with budget of ~ $1000 (new or used) to go with a Sota Star and Dynavector XX2mkII. Not a ton of user comments, but just about every one I've read (here, VA, vinylengine, and a few smaller boards) all imply thrilled owners and not a one who regrets the purchase. Sound quality performance value for its price is reportedly high and that has been my experience when I've heard the older 750 series and even their lower priced arms. Another arm under consideration is the Audiomods Series V.

My take so far:
Jelco: pro - longstanding reputation for quality, demonstrated by so many OEM arms provided to turntable manufacturers, good fit & finish, compatibility w/many carts of varying compliance, flexibility of changing headshells(including w/azimuth adjustment), high likelihood of parts/service if ever needed, likely decent resale value if I ever choose to go in another direction.
cons: extra electrical connection points @ armtube and headshell, lack of precise repeatable VTA adjustment (although EasyVTA aftermarket product can address this), knife edge bearings theoretically an improvement, but my impression is that in practice they often aren't ideal. 

To use a car analogy is this the Toyota Camry of tonearms? 

The Audiomods Series V:
pros: keeps the best aspect of the new Rega arm and replaces almost everything else with better design and quality parts, precise micrometer VTA adjustment, silver wire one piece loom from pins to plugs
cons: one man company uncertainties on parts/service if ever needed, relatively little user base or resale market, no opportunity to listen before buying,  a bit more costly than the Jelco. 
Hoping it's not a Saab 900; really cool when they were around but at some point a quirky performer from days gone by that might not be a keeper.

So anybody care to chime in on these or others that fit the bill in the same price range? If you're curious, the rest of the system is here: Austin City Within Limits. Cheers,
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I have 2 that might be better--Origin Live Silver III or II even, and the Trans-Fi Terminator. The TFT with all the upgrades is $1275 new so you could get a basic for about $975. The OLS holds its value very well in the used market. So does the TFT used, except try to find a used one on the market. Apparently VERY FEW ever contemplate selling them. I’ve only seen a couple in 10 years of looking everyday at the ads. I have a fully upgraded one that I am going to sell. Any of these arms will sound better than what you’re looking at. I’ve had the OLS II and the TFT, and I know the OLS III will sound quite a bit better than the II. A new OLS III will cost less than $1000. Used, it would be $700-750. The Terminator is a straight line tracking air bearing tonearm. The OLS II & III are more conventional pivoted arms.

I wasn’t aware of that, but it is possible. I remember a couple years ago, the TFT maker contacting me and saying something like he was thinking of stopping making them. I didn’t know he actually did this, however. The arms are very good sounding and may come up used, if that's the case.   People still are holding on to these arms at this point.