Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?

Just thought I'd ask if there is much benefit. I know oil from my fingers will touch the edge and some of it will migrate a little inside. I also see the extra hassle of keeping them stored away from dust each and every time. Also how hard is it to manipulate cleaning the record and taking it in and out of the sleave?  What white gloves wouldn't impart any flake off particulates? Just bored here members.  Lets be respectful. Anyway let's hear your opinions
Gloves keep you from having to wash your hands as, really, who the hell has time for that? Also it's good to use other people wearing gloves to handle your vinyl, and it simply means shelling out a slightly larger holiday bonus for the staff, as painful as that can be.
I wear latex gloves. 

I’m too old to raise more vinyl.   
Keep your hands clean and don't eat whenever handling LPs, and very clean hands when using a record cleaning machine and you should have no problems. I do use cotton gloves to handle tubes, some say that's not needed but what the heck...
I always wash my hands before handling vinyl.
With regard to tubes, there is a debate over how to handle the glass envelope. I agree with many of the tube vendors that it’s fine to handle tubes with clean bare hands. The printing on most NOS tubes can easily be rubbed off so you should not be handling the bottle in that area with or without gloves.
Some tubes used in WWII have a tacky coating on the glass. It might be possible to remove this substance with the fabric of a glove.
Tubes like octals or power tubes have Bakelite plastic, ceramic, or metal bases where you hold the tube when inserting into a socket. Using cotton gloves might not provide a firm grip on the base.

The best recommendation I’ve read is to grasp a tube as you would hold a light bulb. Gloves aren’t needed to screw in a light bulb. Only halogen lights are affected by bodily oils. 

I only wear gloves when I break into someone's home to listen to their record collection (you know, fingerprints and all) but never in my own home