Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?

Just thought I'd ask if there is much benefit. I know oil from my fingers will touch the edge and some of it will migrate a little inside. I also see the extra hassle of keeping them stored away from dust each and every time. Also how hard is it to manipulate cleaning the record and taking it in and out of the sleave?  What white gloves wouldn't impart any flake off particulates? Just bored here members.  Lets be respectful. Anyway let's hear your opinions
There’s nothing wrong with wearing gloves to handle records if that works for you.
As @wolfgarcia  and Fremer alluded to, most people dont need them.

@bradf , interesting stuff. I'm going to use the Swiss microfiber gloves on my next burglary.
  I’m going to share your link for the proper use of Milty gun with the Milty thread.

When promoting a guest's music spot, Jimmy Fallon grabs the vinyl out of the album jacket like an animal...I cringe every damn time. Somebody in his staff should show him how to handle LPs. Also, I do wear white gloves for big balls. Doesn't everybody?
I wear a white cotton glove on my left hand, which allows me to handle my LPs. Reason being that my right hand, I’m right handed, has become badly deformed by arthritis and can no longer handle an LP. It won’t fit inside a glove either. My left hand is also affected by arthritis but not nearly as badly, and though not capable of properly handling a LP, it can at least fit inside a glove so I can avoid getting greasy fingerprints all over my records.