Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?

Just thought I'd ask if there is much benefit. I know oil from my fingers will touch the edge and some of it will migrate a little inside. I also see the extra hassle of keeping them stored away from dust each and every time. Also how hard is it to manipulate cleaning the record and taking it in and out of the sleave?  What white gloves wouldn't impart any flake off particulates? Just bored here members.  Lets be respectful. Anyway let's hear your opinions
Cool pics of a record pressing plant. They’re wearing gloves in a clean manufacturing situation. Of course, it’s to prevent oils from the hands being transferred to the record’s surface. Also hairs, lint, etc.
The difference between that situation and at home is they are handling high numbers of product in an assembly line type setup. A
perfect situation for mistakes. Some of the records may be warm to the touch as well.
Many manufacturers in various industries require workers to wear gloves.

Anybody who has handled vinyl for a while gets the technique of touching only the edges and label..
I think it was Fremer who said that it only takes a few times using your thumb and fingers to hold a record and you will never drop it or ruin the surface.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing gloves to handle records if that works for you.
As @wolfgarcia  and Fremer alluded to, most people dont need them.

@bradf , interesting stuff. I'm going to use the Swiss microfiber gloves on my next burglary.
  I’m going to share your link for the proper use of Milty gun with the Milty thread.