Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?

Just thought I'd ask if there is much benefit. I know oil from my fingers will touch the edge and some of it will migrate a little inside. I also see the extra hassle of keeping them stored away from dust each and every time. Also how hard is it to manipulate cleaning the record and taking it in and out of the sleave?  What white gloves wouldn't impart any flake off particulates? Just bored here members.  Lets be respectful. Anyway let's hear your opinions
I only wear them for afternoon tea, so unless playing records during tea time, I don't wear white gloves for handling records.
I have on a couple of occasions dropped a record because of trying to handle it by the edges alone 

Just don’t. You should never grasp the surface of a record. Edges and label only. 

good grief 
just enjoy the music.
been listening to, and handling records, over 50 years. never once thought about wearing gloves. 
@ sleepwalker

Wearing gloves allows me to get a better grip on the record by grasping beyond  the edge a little. Not sure how this contact is any more degrading to the record than the contact of the brush on a record during a wet wash
or the vacuum of a wand as the suction holds it in place creating a bit of friction on the record surface while the record rotates.
When you say you should never grasp a record by the surface, you make it sound like I am handling a piece of bread. This is not the case.  The contact I make is probably not much more then what the average listener makes when pinching a record to start its removal from the sleeve.