Does anyone use stabilzer when using vaccume hold

I heard conflictiong thoughts about using a heavy record stabilizer while usingvaccume hold down. Anyone have this type of platter and use center weight?
Dear Rloggie: Well, I use in that way: AT666 vacuum hold down and Jeweltone clamp, yes the clamp ( even in a vacuum hold down system ) makes a difference against record/stylus un-desired resonances/distortions.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul...Thanks, I've got the SX111FV up and running. Very pleased with what I'm hearing. I was a little concerned with the 1 kilo weight resting on the inner vaccume seal but thought it would be alright.
I have a SOTA COSMOS,with vacuum hold down.I definitely prefer the clamp,used as a weight(with minor modification to bottom part).Yes,it does seem to eliminate some minor,but audible effects of vinyl replay,and allows the music to sound more relaxed,and realistic.
Good luck.
Dear Rloggie: Don't worry about that additional clamp weight, it does not any harm to your TT that btw is really good, what do you think about?

Now on topic. Through the years I already use several clamps ( along the vacuum ): Sota ( not only as weight by at normal reflex way. ), Basis, Callas, AS, MS, etc etc and I can tell you that with each one you have different characteristics in the sound reproduction. Right now the Jeweltone ( that its main build material is glass. ) with 800grs on weight works really fine and like me a little more over the other ones but as usually you have to try it and find which one works for you and your music/sound priorities.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul... the turntable is by far the best I've had in my system. The background is very quiet/black. its made me appreciate my cartride and phono stage more. The image focus is improved (over the MS RX-1500). I wasn't sure if I'd like the vaccume, but now that I've used it, I'm not sure that I want to do without it. Next is to have (many) more hours of listening with it. There is a 777air that may be comming my way to compare. Do you think it will be as good?/better/not as good? (without vaccume)
I'd REALLY like all comments on this.