Does anyone use Simaudio Pre with Krell amps?

Just wondering what you use as I am looking into a Simaudio P-8 and currently have Krell amps.
I think there's a synergy within the Sim family, so if you get a P-8, I'd recommend getting a W-7 or W-8 as well. I"ve used the I-7 and still use the W-7.
Couldn't edit my previous, but I think a lot of people with Sim or Krell use tubes rather than more solid state with their systems. So if you like the Krell, maybe consider ARC or CJ?
Why would you want to use Simaudio with Krell? I would use either Krell or, yes, tube preamp.
I am not a tube guy..I tried the AR Ref.2 mk2 and it did not float my bowl.I am Canadian(so is sim) but love my big krells.
This is the kind of argument that I find impossible to respond to. About being Canadian I mean.
The Canadian part meant nothing really,just the tube part..
I tried alot of the big Canadian names(Classe,Simaudio,Bryston) and the USA(Krell,Theta,Pass,Mark levinson) and since I love a truely well controlled bass,hence Krell amps.But the preamps are new to me as I always used a pre/pro.That is why the question.
The ARC Ref 3 sounds exceptional with the Krell amps. Most people find it to be a big upgrade over Ref 2.
The Simaudio P-8 is supposed to be an extraordinary pre-amp. I have the P-7 and the P-8's supposed to be a pretty notable step up, according to Simaudio.

I pair my P-7 with a W-8, also from Simaudio as more than one review mentioned that the best synergy with these pieces from Sim lies with other Sim pieces. They are fantastic together IMHO!

This is not to say these Simaudio pieces don't work with other pieces but they reportedly sound best paired together. I would think it's very important to be able to try the P-8 with your Krell amps to make sure there's good synergy there and you get the sound you like.

Does Krell not also have good pre-amps worth considering?
Thanks Camb
I never heard the W-8,only the Titan-7ch & for 200w/ch it did well.I used a 4ohm load so 400/ch but with only 2/1.1KV transformers ...well I was impressed.That W-8 should have even better sonics and you have the same transformers but only on 2ch.I would like a coler running pre as the AR tubes are hot and Krell is hot.Is your p-7 cool running?
Hi Mc1sound,

As far as I can tell, the P-7 pre-amp generates no heat - it never even gets a little bit warm. I suspect the P-8 pre-amp would also run cool.

The W-8 amp is a different story, however. It runs quite hot and needs breathing room. It's got 2 1.3kVA transformers, has a power supply capacitance of 240,000uF and has a spec output power of 500 wpc at 4 ohms (1,000 wpc at 2 ohms). It's a pretty powerful amp.