Does anyone use a tuner?

I have an older Luxman T-111 AM FM Tuner. If someone would like it. Pay for shipping and it is yours.

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My neighbors don't like me. I have a " feel the Bern " sticker on my car.
I like you already. 👍
Me too, nonoise. I'm new to the Portland (Oregon) area, and Bernie's really popular here in the Northwest. Portland's slogan---on buildings all over town---is "Keep Portland weird" ;-). I was a little uncomfortable, however, with the "All lives matter" lawn sign that my sister had in her front yard. Not by the sentiment---though it is somewhat misunderstood---but by forcing one's thoughts and feelings on neighbors who didn't ask for them. When I took over the maintenance of the yard I took it down. 
Congrats on getting to Portland. I tried it back in '89 and stayed at my sister's place over in Lake Oswego (the old town area if it's still standing) but had a heck of a time trying to get a job. 

At the time I was working for Kaiser Permanente and visited there the year prior and was told that transferring wouldn't be a problem. Well, a year later it was and they put a hiring freeze on anyone from out of state and whenever I put in a resume, I was politely declined. They hated Californicators, as they called them, and had a very small town attitude. 

Back then the population was 250K but now I hear it's over 2.5M. I still miss it and can close my eyes and be transported back to the place, a place I'm told I wouldn't recognize. Back then, the locals burnt down some condos, twice, to stop development.

Anyway, enjoy the town as it has lots to offer and despite the weather, you get used to it really quick. There's a price to pay for all the clean air, water and the greenery. 

And as to your assessment of forcing things on neighbors, I agree. I had a bumper sticker that was funny here, in LA, but I noticed that whenever anyone was behind me, they'd study it intently and that serious look never left their faces. I removed it after a week.

All the best,

Yup Nonoise, Lake Oswego is still here, though my sis tells me it's known by some locals as Lake no negroes ;-) . And the anti-California transplant sentiment is alive and well. Since my sis has been here since 1971, I have an out. Actually, I lived in NE Portland in 77-8, and bought all my British Punk & New Wave 45's and import LP's at Music Millennium, which is still in business. The LP's that were in their upstairs loft have been moved down into what was the Classical music annex, slowly expanding every month into the CD sections of the store. LP's are very in with the hip young Portlanders, not just us old guys.

As a few Portland audiophiles have been talking about here on Audiogon (such as folkfreak), there is a lot of construction going on in the city, and the population is exploding. The price of houses and apartment rent is getting out of control, which is why I'm across the river in Vancouver Washington. Nice and quiet over here, and only a 15 minute drive back over the Interstate bridge into Portland. After six years in the 115-120 degree heat of Palm Desert (after having lived in Burbank and Sherman Oaks for twenty-five years), I'm loving the dark, damp weather! 

I do miss Amoeba Music and Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood, as well as my Hi-Fi shops (Brooks Berdan Ltd., Audio Elements, Optimal Enchantment, Acoustic Image, Shelley's Stereo, Systems Design Group, a few others), and have not been very impressed by Portland's retailers. But folkfreak has given me the names of some smaller, more perfectionist dealers to check out. And a drummer I knew in L.A. (Jose Medeles, drummer for Kim Deal and The Breeders) opened a drum shop (Revival) in 2009, and always has good vintage pieces coming through. Looks like I'll be living out my remaining years here! 

"'My neighbors don't like me. I have a " feel the Bern " sticker on my car.,
I like you already. 👍"
So, without going too far off the rails, I know, am friends with, and work with lots of people who wanted Bernie. But I disagree with them strongly. 

I see most politicians as con-men. They make great big promises, promises that can't possibly be kept, but as long as they get their cut (money, power) they'll work to keep the con going. (Some may have actually deluded themselves into believing their own rhetoric, but that doesn't make it true)

To me, we are living way beyond our means, kicking the payments can down the road; nobody wants to make the tough choices- where there are cuts across the board (including large reductions in government payrolls).

So the time will come when we will have no choices, there will be crushing budget cuts because no one will lend us the money to postpone it further, and those who are truly needy will suffer most.

It's our fault, all of us, for allowing this to happen.
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I need " HELP "

A good home for this tuner before I get in trouble.

Please don't ask me to tell you what a " good home " is. Obviously not an over paid government employee. 

Jim the bad dealer. 
Maybe there’s a Goodwill in your area?

And i didn’t say that the average government employee is overpaid, just that our government is writing checks that WE (and our kids) will have trouble paying:

If you don't get any interest here, you can post on Craig's list free stuff.

we and our kids won't live long enough to pay it off. They just keep printing money, trillions at a time and lend it to Jamie Diamond at 0% interest. The he bundles together a fund comprised of very risky derivatives and sells them as high quality bonds to pensions funds, then they crash and don't yield anywhere near what was expected so workers who invested and counted on pensions get shaved and Jamie gets a large large bonus not have taken any risk at all, because the government will bail him out if the big banks go broke. 
The tuner is gone. Thanks to all of you, some good suggestions. 

Audio Dealer of The Month. 
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