Does anyone use a Bel Canto Pre2 P ?

I'm considering getting one, but checking Virtual Systems, they are pretty much non-existent. Can anyone who has or had one please provide feedback?

I'm in the hunt for a new pre- and power amps to replace my 20 year old Apt Holman pre and Adcom 555. For now they will be driving Infinity 8 Kappas, circa 1988. My new source is an Underwood modified Music Hall cd25.2. I listen to modern and standard jazz, prog and southern rock, some classical.

It's a very nice sounding preamp with some very useful features. It's clean/lean/clear sounding as opposed to warm/harmonically rich.
I recommend that you talk to Wally at Underwood. He has several to recommend and I have talked with him about them. He can sell you Bel Canto as well as Monolithic and others. He has been great to deal with.
Thanks, I have spoken with him. He can set me up with a very good deal on the Pre2P and a pair of Ref1000's, but I'm wondering if that combo will be too "accurate", that is dry and clinical. Perhaps if so, it could be dialed out with cable selection?? My head is swirling enuf choosing electronics without also thinking about all the cable possibilities!
When I listen to the Bel Cantos, I simply hear "neutral" and "accurate". They will play whatever is fed to them, without coloration. I can hear the difference between LP, solid state CDP, and tube output CDP. The cables will be less important than the source. Wally has a good handle on how these electronics piece together. Although I believe cables make a difference, it is subtle and it is best to make the rest of the system work together and not rely on cables to change the sound. That is a "merry-go-round". So far, his advice to me has been right on. I don't believe he would want you to end up with a system that doesn't work together. And, if you are unhappy, he will take them back.
Yes and it is dead quiet very neutral. Highly recommended.
I am a REF1000 user and love them. I have had the Pre2P at home for a try and it worked very well as it should. The phono in it is neutral sounding and very user adjustable (by remote as well!). I have replaced my beloved ARC D250 with the Ref1000's and have not regretted it. The ARC does offer some things that the Refs just cant do however the Refs do a few things that the ARC cant so it is really a matter of taste. I like the fact that the digital amps are very electrical bill freindly and therefore have some environmental gains. When I power up the ARC, the whole street dims!
I had to return the Pre2P to my dealer for a short while and unfortunately for me it sold. I thought I'd lost out big time however he brought in the Pre3 and I like it just as much. I will now have to wait for the Phono 3 to get that excellent phono stage that I miss from the Pre2P.
Go Bel Canto and don't look back (at least for a while...)