Does anyone swap?

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that I would like to hear some other DAC's in my system, but I don't want to buy one in order to accomplish this goal. So I thought that maybe I would offer to swap my Birdland Odeon-Ag with another 'goner for 30 days or so. If you've got a DAC (preferably with volume control) and you'd like to try the Odeon-Ag in your system, let's swap! I think the Birdland is absolutely fabulous, but I'd like to hear some others.

Chicago area 'goners are a plus, but I'll mail it if the swap is a good one.

I don't know that this kind of thing goes on very often. Any thoughts on the idea itself are also welcome.


I'll swap my wife for yours if she is....oh sorry wrong forum. ;)
I had to know that was comin...
i cant believe slappy or jax aint all over this one. much trolling, so little time!

Seriously..... I just swapped my speakers last weekend. I changed from a couple of B&W's CDM 1's to a pair of DIY-speakers, and the guy who built them, knew his trade. They are potentially much better than the B&W's, but in my room, with my amp, there's too much high. So just this weekend I traded my amp with another guy. We agreed that if one of us wasn't happy with his new amp, we'd change back. And it worked, since I didn't like his amp, and we swapped back.

I'm happy I did this, since it gave me a clear idea of what kind of amp I'm looking for, and it didn't cost anything. Well..... some time and I made about 40 miles, that's it. But you gotta trust the guy you're swapping with, check the gear he's offering and try to get his (real!!) adress before leaving your gear with him. And make sure you can get your equipment back of you don't like his. The downside is he might want his gear back and you wanna keep it, but then you know what you'll have to save up for.....
I was hoping to find some folks in the Chicago area interested in swapping out dacs also. I know this post has been dead for almost 7 years, but I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel.

I have 3 dacs...
a new Rega dac
an old Valab nos dac
an older TEAC Esoteric DAC 02

I am very interested in hearing a Weiss DAC2 or an Audio Note dac in my system.

Any interest near Chicago?