Does anyone still miss the old Audiogon format?

I don't know about other Audiogoners but I'm still missing the old Audiogon format. It has a few shortcomings but they can be addressed and fixed to work just fine within the old format. What I miss the most is the "human side" of the old format vs. the new one which I found so "cold" and "impersonal".
About the same time AudiogoN went to the new format, the company I work for went to Windows 7. Let me just say that learning how to navigate the new AudiogoN was a walk in the park compared to learning Windows 7.

I'm growing to like the new format.

Who doesn't. I think you are going to find the comments unanimous. Getting too much like ebay.
I don't like the fact that members can't freely email one another to ask questions about gear.
It was MUCH easier to find items in, and surf, the classifieds previously. And YEAH- to ask questions about it too. Don't care from the new format, at all!
......if it ain't broke don't fix it !! I prefer the
'' old '' format it was ours.
You can email members privately now, this feature was brought back some time ago. Just go to "Member Lookup," input the name of who you want to contact and you get a form to send a message to them. I've contacted a few members privately and it seems to work fine.
Yes, but I understand and it is quite clear why they changed the format but I won't get into that, just don't care for their spin for the reasons is all. I see in no way that the new format is better for the user or is more user friendly. Audiogon is, always was and always will be primarily a business for users to buy and sell audio gear and the principals are entitled to run the site any way they choose but it certainly isn't "new and improved" at least from my perspective.
Ahhh, remember the good ol' days when there were no comission charges?!
Tubegroover has stated it perfectly. At the very least, we still have a forum.
The old format seemed to get about 1000 views in a week. New format your lucky to get 250 views. Folks walked away and just never looked back.
There seems to be a few post about virus's that accompany a visit from what others have posted on other forums.
"Does anyone still miss the old Audiogon format?"
Are we allowed to say?
I liked the old format better of course, like everyone else. I still visit the forums and participate as usual. If I'm planning on a purchase which is not often, I will look for it here just like I did with the old format. I have spent money here this year just as last year. If I want to sell something, I will post an ad just like I did with the old format. For me, Audiogon is still the only used audio site to consider.
Morningstaraudio, "The old format seemed to get about 1000 views in a week. New format your lucky to get 250 views. Folks walked away and just never looked back."

Indeed. This year, I listed stuff at giveaway prices that simply languished. Previously, those sales would complete in 20 minutes.
I recently discovered that Audiogon will not allow you to send your e-mail address in messages. And they do not give you any e-mail notification of this (which I get when a new mesage is received). I happened to look in my inbox the other day to see almost all of my messages over the last month were not sent because I had included my e-mail address (since e-mail seems to be far more reliable than the new Audiogon).

How frustrating!
Guys, you listening? At least the less traffic part or is this model working? As an observer and from a SELLER's view I see this too. You have a golden goose, don't kill it, improve it. An opening for suggestions maybe?
I do miss the old format as well. It was a lot easier to leave feedback when you completed a transaction. There was the step by step process. Now when a sale completes it is more of a chore to leave feedback. Before it felt a lot more seemless.

Another gripe I have is I have to keep logging into the site. I log into the forum. Then when I want to go into the marketplace I have to log in yet again. I've experienced this with IE8, IE9, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Last gripe is the uneven moderation in the forum. I'll make a post and then it may post 12 or 16 hours later. Information posts I've sent into threads get denied yet I see threads where people are asking for prices on gear. Totally mind boggling.
With the new format and the communication protocol between members, and the way that you're allowed to post your ad,etc..I'm sensing that there's always a "big brother" watching over my shoulder as if I'm about to do something wrong and will get slap around...
I know I am in the minority, but I am OK with the new site. I like the new capabilities that have been added, like being able to sort the results of a search and being able to search by distance from my zip code. I also like having the seller's location displayed on the main screen. I am hoping they will add some other features, including multi-level search and being able to search the New Today listings.

My guess (and it is just a guess) is that if there is any drop off in traffic (and I think Audiogon will tell you there is no drop-off) that drop was from recreational browsers, not from people looking to buy. Personally, I have no problem finding what I am looking for with the new system.

It looks like there is a lot of equipment going up for sale every day. It would be interesting to know if overall sales are up or down, although the economy probably has more effect on that than the site. If people are buying somewhere else, it would be nice to know where. I really have not seen any other site suddenly springing forth with massive numbers of offerings.
I don't like to logon separately for forums and for ads. Why not just one logon for all and done deal like good old days?
New site needs work work work to get it workin' right. It's been quite a while so all bugs and bunnies should've been fixed or not to show up the mess to the public at all before it's properly tested.
Design ideas and new features are good, the development crew probably needs more school and training(bunch of amateurs).
In previous audiogon you wouldn't be able to argue or discuss about Gon's functionality because modarators will filter it out as 'unrelated to hobby' stuff. Current gon doesn't seem to filter or moderate anything I guess.
To me both of the versions current and previous created by ammateur development crews to the level of junior-high school graduates at it's best.
Well as a member since the mid-1990s, I can easily say that the "old" format was a lot more user friendly. And there were no "Comissions" on sales either. And the "transition" period was painful and made use of the site difficult at best.
I miss all the Johnny Boey stories.
Yes, the buying and selling column is so much better and user friendly than the new one!
ABSOLUTELY!I have had more "Server Error"crashes on the new A'Gon than I did in YEARS of use on the old system!Also it now seems replies to threads take a day or two to post & sometimes they NEVER get posted,as a matter of fact this is the second reply to this thread,the first one never being posted.
I've always thought that transferring forums from old to new format is due, but seing sloppy work of development crew I'd stay away from proceeding any further "enhancements"