does anyone service meadowlark speakers?

I' ve been considering some meadowlark speakers(used) but I read the company went bust.Does anyone know whereyou can get service or parts in case a repair is needed?
Meadowlark used fairly standard off-the-shelf components on most models. Finding replacement parts should be possible once you id the manufacturer and part number of the part. The crossovers are simple with what look like robust parts put together with point-to-point wiring.My impression of the crossover comes from the Kestrel and Sheawaters, as I have owned Kestrels, Kestrel 2s and Shearwaters without any problems. I currently own 2 pairs of Kestrels, a perfect speaker for a small room.
Timrhu is correct. You should be able to purchase the drivers off the shelf after you identify the manufacture and the model of the drivers.
Just be careful, some parts are not so easy to replace. I ran into this problem trying to replace the no longer made BC14SG49-08. I know of a few others that are trying to replace one of these and can't find a suitable replacement. This is the mid-woofer in the Swallow. Otherwise, an excellent speaker.