Does anyone remember Oxford (Ohio) Audio Consultants? Dr. Robert Smith?

Wondering what ever happened to Oxford Audio Consultants?  it was run by Dr. Robert Smith out of his home in Oxford, Ohio, near Miami University.  R-squared, as he was known, was a physics professor.  I purchased Rogers LS3/5a from in back in 1977-78. I expect he would be in his 80’s now. I gather from my Google searches that the “store” is long since gone.

I recall a great experience buying the Rogers from him; I don’t recall the electronics used, but pretty sure he used a LP-12 turntable.  He was a great guy. He had a glass eye that drifted around the room, which made for interesting conversations. 

Does anyone have similar memories?  And any knowledge on how he is doing?



I went to Miami from 1976-80. Remember the store as my classmate bought Magnepan MGII and Janis subwoofers from him. A great store as was Audiophiles in Montgomery.

Yes, I recall the Janis subwoofers. He had them coupled to the Rogers, too, but it was going to be too much money for me.  My sister graduated from Miami in 79 with a physics degree. She had Dr. smith, which is how I made his acquaintance. We lived in Toledo at that time.

I visited Dr Smith’s ‘showroom’ when I moved to Oxford in 1980 to begin work on my PhD in zoology. On the advice of my dear late advisor, Dr Tom Wissing (who purchased his LS3/5a from Dr Smith) I contacted Dr Smith. I auditioned and wound up buying a pair of Linn Kans which had just come out in 1979.  I don’t recall what he used to drive them, but I remember going back in 1983 to listen to the brand new Naim Nait!  Still wish I had bought that one.