Does anyone "throw away" Lp's ?

I have collected about 1500 lps over the last several years. Mostly in groups of 2 to 8 hundred. I am just now going through each one to check quality of vinyl. My question is what point do YOU just discard a record? I'm tempted to trash all that shows obvious scatches and wear.

I'm thinking anything that looks like I would be comfortable playing on my TT with my cart for fear of damage.

What do you do in this case?

Yes I have tossed LPs.
I got back into LP collecting about 12 years ago.
I started getting more and more, as they were really cheap.
Well I had 12,000 plus. Boxes with a hundred plus each filling closets, they were all over the place. Then the news I had to move. I had to move all these things. Forget it.
So I had time to sort out stuff. I started sorting by quality, and tossed all LPs with scratches.
So I got them down to about 8,000 LPs. I only wanted to move the number i had shelving for which was 6,000 LPs.
So then I started in on the Classical LPs and just had to toss stuff good or not. It was a tough thing to do.

Now I own 6,000 LPs or so. I have about 2,000 Classical, 1,800 Jazz, and 2,200 Rock LPs. I try to get rid of LPs as I buy them, so I do not have more than fit on the shelves I own.
Right now I probably have a hundred 'extra' LPs...
So how to decide to toss?
Any scratches are the easy way. Then one needs to decide if the LP is rare, or hard to find, before tossing it.
I have come to realize not to buy ANY LP without it being scratch free. (the exception is dirt cheap AND also a valuable record)
I am lucky I live in an area with plenty of used LPs. So I can be fussy about the quality.
If you are trying to decide about scratches, on thing is to visually see if the scratches affect the groove, or not.
To do a visual inspection, tilt the LP so you can see the refraction, or glistening shimmer from the grooves. Use a good lightsource, and then look into the shimmering where the scratches are. IF you CAN see the scratches in the shimmering reflected light, then they affect the grooves, and can toss. If the scratches are not seen in the shimmering, then they do not affect the grooves.

Another thing to watch for is areas that are dull. Especially the inner area of the grooves. If part of the LP is dull, that is an indication the LP is worn out.
(Though some LPs, especially some German ones, are natually dull)
Watch for "DJ" scratchings, where one narrow area of an LP has major wear along a small area of the grooves. A LOT of LPs were destroyed by weekend DJ scratching, and those LPs find there way into collections.

Send your unwanted LPs to a Goodwill type store. They can recycle them to other overly enthusiastic buyers!
Exactly right on the Goodwill suggestion. Just took about 500 classical to our local store. The only thing I have to be careful of is not buying the darn things again. Give someone else a chance at finding some music.
Yup. Pink Floyds " Umma Gumma ". LP sucked so bad, but it made a wonderfull Frisbee. Two Frisbees actually...
I had a few I took to the range and used for target practice. Bad Idea! By the way, you only get one chance for a hole in one. However the inner sleeves make great targets and are way cheaper.
Yes please send those LPs that you all designate as throw-aways to your local Goodwill store or thrift shop. They may not be in that bad condition to us budget LP buyers or people who want to try vinyl or different genre's of music. The thrift stores or Goodwill type shops sell the records really cheap. You can count me as one of those "overly enthusiastic buyers". I know I've purchased quite a bit of classical albums in good condition from various thrift stores. If I didn't like the music or found the record was more damaged than I thought I would just donate it back to Goodwill later.

That then there is Craiglist as well. Just make sure you emphasize no picking. They either buy the whole lot or go away with nothing.
Picked up a mint deep groove blue note "the three sounds" at goodwill about 5 years ago, jacket and vinyl are pristine. Expensive though, 1.50 US dollars, but that back when a dollar was worth more eh?
My decision is based on playback. If I won't play an lp, it belongs in the trash.
With LPs that have a nasty pop or other defect across a critical or quiet section of music, the last thing I would want is to forward that horror onto another unsuspecting vinyl lover/purchaser so that they don't have to drop the F bomb as I did when I first heard it. These do go into the trash, absolutely. Good riddance!
I've never actually thrown away an LP unless it was truly unplayable. Otherwise, I take them to the places suggested above.
True, i have found some interesting lp's at thrift stores with minor scratches. I'd better donate before throwing to the trash.
Has anyone not thrown away LP's ?
If you donate scratched LPs to Goodwill, you are part of the problem. Do your fellow collectors a favor and throw them away. An unplayable scratched LP is not worth a dollar. It is worthless.
Definitely toss lps in poor condition rather than pass them on. They are worthless unless maybe the cover is in good shape and you want to frame it.