Does anyone own the Pass Labs X1 preamp?

There is almost NO discussion of this pre on Audiogon. Archives are bare bones.
Some earlier threads, not sure where I read them, suggest the X1 is a little thin in the mid range. This is not saying that it is not good though, the X1 is extremely transparent and matches well with warm amps (especially Pass) and speakers. I've heard the X0 and they give a wonderful and open soundstage.
The Absolute Sound's Tony Cordesman did a review of the X-1 and the XOno phono stage awhile back. He found the X-1 to almost as good as its big brother, the X0. A friend has an X1 and is is not thin in the midrange at all. We have compared his X1 to my X0 and they are real close. Since I have upgraded to the X0.2, the gap between the two preamps has widened considerably.

What amps are you planning on using it with.
Currently I have Krell amplification. Not exactly the standard for warm. My goal for my system is (1) to improve resolution and detail (it is already EXTREMELY good at this), I want to hear instruments and voices individually - [well enough to score the music]- and (2) to hear each instrument sound naturally as it should. As I pursue these goals, world class soundstaging has been an automatic fringe benefit.

I have listened to tubes. Much to love here, but no sale so far. I would really like a solid state pre - but edgy is out. The pass labs X1 is in my price range, and I hoped might provide the resolution, separation between instruments and natural accuracy I want but without glare. The X0, is out of my price range.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.