Does anyone own the new KLH model 5 speakers?

My old speakers are having issues and as they are no longer made (VMPS) I can't get replacement parts so I am in the market for new speakers. I need something that does a really good job with voices as I use my speakers with my TV so watching the News or movies or whatever is on. I am interested in the new KLH model 5 speakers and was wondering if anyone has used them in this way and how they work. (Another option might be the Kef LS50's or something in that line of speakers.)
I tried the Wharefdale Lintons which I think are fun speakers but they do not work well for just watching TV. To me they seam to add kind of a plastic-y, brittle sound to mostly male but some female voices.  They also make male voices sound bigger than they are. (They add some warmth.)  I could live with warmth but the hard plastic sound would be tough as it sometimes makes it difficult to understand what is being said.  They do not add any sibilance that I can detect. So that is good. ( I'm very sensitive to sibilance and any hard addition to voices.)
If someone here tells me the KLH does not work well with voice I will likely try something in the Kef line.  

I know a good speaker for voice reproduction is the Harbeth brand. Just about anything in that line is good but I really did not want to spend that kind of money. Looking for one speaker to do it all well, play music, watch the news, and home theater. My room is 11 by 17 with the short wall being where my TV is located so not a big area. It use to be an extra bedroom turned into a dedicated entertainment room.    
Just visited Crutchfield and saw these beautiful speakers (KLH Model 5)! At last, someone building proper speakers again! All speakers from my teens had a 10 or 12 inch woofer ("Man" cars had V8s and "Ladies" cars had V6s).
I'm not trading in my B&W 804D3s but youngsters will get great value from these new KLH speakers.
an excellent low cost version of a new harbeth speaker is a decent condition used harbeth

true for many higher priced hifi components
Look at preowned Spendors of the appropriate size for your room. I think you'd be satisfied.
Go for the new KLH Fives! The originals are still fine balanced sounding speakers! I expect the new versions to be the same! 
I think it was Andrew Robinson that just did a review of these speakers and liked them.   
I guess KLH was restarted up by a former Klipsch / Voxx exec with ties to manufacturing.    Lot of money for what is in a sense a new company with no real track record.  
Time will tell if they are real speakers that warrant that price 
Much more expensive than the originals (though we must take inflation into account), but now they're apparently made in China, not New England.
I own them, they will work fine for your usage.  Clarity is a strong point, so is center imaging, you should have no problem with dialog.  Its got a modern sound, mostly neutral and certainly not warm.  Placement is on the easy side too, as closer to wall placement is has a less drastic effect than I've experienced with many ported type speakers.  Bass is on the faster, rounder side.  40ish hz is about right, so if you crave the HT deep sub-bass, you'll still need a sub.  But if all you need is a good amount of normal bass it should be plenty.  Sound is middle of the road, but leans toward up-front, vs. a laid back sound, if thats what you want.  Should ease your voice clarity concerns. 
I had two way speakers prior, and a 3 way is different, its sorta preference.  The good thing, is its a sellers market, you shouldn't take too much of a beating if you choose to sell them after a short while.
You can get quite a few different nice speakers for $2k used...  speakers that I imagine will outperform the KLH 5’s.  Atc Scm 19 v2 come to mind as do any of Fritz’s speakers, Spendor, ProAc, Harbeth.  I’d choose Ls50 metas over the KLH’s for your intended purpose.  Tmr has a pair of Paradigm Signature 2 V3’s that are great as well.  Pretty deep dimension wise though.
Nice thing with CF is they offer 60 day returns.

Give the KLH Fives a shot. See how they sound in your listening room.

Don’t listen the snobs here as most have never even heard these speakers.

Okay I have had the KLH for a while now and jonuiuc1 is correct. The KLH do voices and midrange very clearly. They are not the most accurate speakers I have ever heard in this area but they are very good. ( I think my Rogers LS3/5A and VMPS RM30's were better and bet Harbeth's and Spender's are also very good haven't heard any in a long time.) I also like the lower midrange and bass if the recording is good. I am not a fan of metal dome tweeters. This one is pretty good but I can still hear a metallic and or shrill sound coming from it on some occasions and I have it set to the lowest setting. (Maybe a cap upgrade will help hear as well.)
I too, think used Harbeths would be a better choice. Vandersteen too. IMO.

I have owned Vandersteens in the past. I know you can always do better but these KLH model 5's are pretty good. My VMPS RM30 had the most natural over all sound of any speakers I have ever owned. Once the midrange drivers started going bad though, they were not replaceable. And I would have had to spend a lot of money to get something that sounded as good to me. I wanted to find something different that would work for my small listening room that did not break the bank. Used Harbeths may have been a better choice however I listened to the Model 30's and just was not that impressed. Also they cost more than $2000 on the used market. These KLH are really much better than I expected. I might live with these for a long time.

Good to hear that you had retained KLH and quite happy with it. Im looking for a proper balanced sounding speaker which will not require a big spending at the same time fulfill my expectation / texture of the speakers that i had owned like Tannoy turnberry GR, Sonus faber concertino, Merlin TSM, Harbeth P3esr. My preference and liking is more towards refined / sweet highs, Bold mid along good amount of dynamics. Trying to get the texture of the speakers that i had used at the same time to overcome the shortfall of open ness and naturalness that modern speakers lack. I believe that a proper Amplifier and source will bring the above flavours to my taste and Is there any suitable amplifier that will bring the best of Model 5 with with above criteria and refined highs without ear fatigue. The DAC i will be using is Belcanto 3.7