Does anyone own the new KLH model 5 speakers?

My old speakers are having issues and as they are no longer made (VMPS) I can't get replacement parts so I am in the market for new speakers. I need something that does a really good job with voices as I use my speakers with my TV so watching the News or movies or whatever is on. I am interested in the new KLH model 5 speakers and was wondering if anyone has used them in this way and how they work. (Another option might be the Kef LS50's or something in that line of speakers.)
I tried the Wharefdale Lintons which I think are fun speakers but they do not work well for just watching TV. To me they seam to add kind of a plastic-y, brittle sound to mostly male but some female voices.  They also make male voices sound bigger than they are. (They add some warmth.)  I could live with warmth but the hard plastic sound would be tough as it sometimes makes it difficult to understand what is being said.  They do not add any sibilance that I can detect. So that is good. ( I'm very sensitive to sibilance and any hard addition to voices.)
If someone here tells me the KLH does not work well with voice I will likely try something in the Kef line.  

I know a good speaker for voice reproduction is the Harbeth brand. Just about anything in that line is good but I really did not want to spend that kind of money. Looking for one speaker to do it all well, play music, watch the news, and home theater. My room is 11 by 17 with the short wall being where my TV is located so not a big area. It use to be an extra bedroom turned into a dedicated entertainment room.    
Just visited Crutchfield and saw these beautiful speakers (KLH Model 5)! At last, someone building proper speakers again! All speakers from my teens had a 10 or 12 inch woofer ("Man" cars had V8s and "Ladies" cars had V6s).
I'm not trading in my B&W 804D3s but youngsters will get great value from these new KLH speakers.
KLH I will pass on mediocre sound.
an excellent low cost version of a new harbeth speaker is a decent condition used harbeth

true for many higher priced hifi components
Look at preowned Spendors of the appropriate size for your room. I think you'd be satisfied.
Go for the new KLH Fives! The originals are still fine balanced sounding speakers! I expect the new versions to be the same! 
I think it was Andrew Robinson that just did a review of these speakers and liked them.   
I guess KLH was restarted up by a former Klipsch / Voxx exec with ties to manufacturing.    Lot of money for what is in a sense a new company with no real track record.  
Time will tell if they are real speakers that warrant that price 
Much more expensive than the originals (though we must take inflation into account), but now they're apparently made in China, not New England.
These are available from Underwood for $1888.  Sound is compared to Harbeth...