Does anyone own the new Dynaudio C-4's yet???

If so, can you share your thoughts?? Heard 'em at Stereophile and they were awesome. Looking to hear from someone who has had extended listening. Thanks in advance.
I'm interested too - please tell us they sound horrible and save us a bunch of money!
I don't own a pair. However, I listened to th C-4's in Dallas recently and must say I was quite impressed as was a friend of mine who spent much time drooling over then. I would highly recomend an audition.

Happy Listening,
Trying to decide between Dynaudio C-4 & C-5, also considerion the Piegas P10's. Anyone got a clue on the differences. EH.
I have listened to both. However, one in someones home (Piega's) and at the show in NYC (C-4's). This is a tough call. I recall the Piegas as having a georgeous presentation and sound stage with ultra clean mid's and highs. Although the speaker uses ribbons and woofers the presentation was of one "voice". However, the base (tight, well defined) was lacking at the lowest frequencies.
Now, thinking back at the Dynaudio C-4's (all regular drives-no ribbons)that I heard in May of this year....everything I described above about the Piegas can be used to describe the C-4's.

As I said....This is going to be a tough call!
I replaced Wilson WATT/Puppy 5.1's with the new Dynaudio C4's. The rest of my system: Krell KPS25sc, Bryston monoblocks, Transparent Reference cables.
My room is 7.5 meters x 6 meters.
I have the Dynaudios since 6 months now.
So far they are the best I owned
(prior to the WATT/Puppy's I owned Sonus Faber Extremas; B&W 801 III's, Keff Reference, etc.)
The WATT's where more aggressive than the Dynaudio's
With the C4, I can relax. The C4's are as dynamic as the Wilsons (maybe more so).
You can play them as loud as you like. If your amps can deliver - they will take it.
In my room, the C4's will go deep into 25 Hz area.
I listen to the C4's relatively in the nearfield (3 meters) and the drivers merge perfactly.
The C4's are more revealing than the Wilsons, the high's are more extended and the midrange, oh the midrange, pure magic.
The only problem I have is due to my room, I have a +6dB in the 80Hz midbass area (same as I had with the Wilsons and B&W's). I use 2 large bass traps and they help with the Q and articulation but not with the excess.
The soundstage is fantastic. Very deep. Lots of hight information as well.
At this point the only change I can cosider in my system is probably replace my old Brystons with new Krell amps with CAST technology.
I listen to Classical music and Jazz.
I love big Orchestral and Choral music.
So if you enjoy listening to Mahler, Bruckner, big symphonies, Operas... look no further