Does anyone own the Legacy Aeris

I was want a few opinions from folks that actually own and listen to the Legacy Aeris speakers. What do you drive them with? and how do you like them, Thanks, Walter45.
Member Zephyr24069 owns them and loves them. Look up his virtual system.
We drive a a pair with a Coda 15.5 and a 7X pre combo.
We also have a pair of Whispers/Extremes running with an S100.
Glad to answer any questions you might have; for historical reasons (prior speakers and love of the amp itself), I drive them with an Edge NL12.1 stereo amp with great results (to my ears). Check out my system thread and the others where I've posted my comments to answer various questions; I'm also happy to discuss on Audiogon in-mail anytime. me anytime for discussions on the AERIS!

As an aside, a great review on the new V flagship has also shown up....
Zeph what is the price point on your edge?
Walter or you may also contact me with a history of four installations all factory tuned om site.
Tobb...sorry to miss your question, I've been off the boards for a more than a week. The Edge NL 12.1 when it was new retailed for a little over 20K if memory serves but you could get it for a few thousand less easily. Now, when they pop up on Audiogon, which is extremely infrequent, they are posted for about $6K. The NL 10.1, which would be more than sufficient for driving AERIS or V's top-end are also not frequently offered, and can be had for a bit less. The 10.1 and 12.1 (the .1 are the versions to get sonically) are fantastic SS amps that don't sound solid state (to me, IMHO).

There is a member who has a pair of Tom Maker's new NL14+ monos offered for sale on the Audiogon right now for a price that is beyond a bargain. The NL14+ and NL14 stereo are Tom's next-gen refinements according to what he told me of everything he was doing with Edge in a more cost-friendly package. Being they are monos you pick up the need for another amp-stand and an additional powercord but if I were looking today, I would definitely pick them up!
BTW....the link above (copied here again) now collects all the various reviewer feedback links from RMAF on "V" into one location that you can click around and get to the specific articles. Some high praise appears to have been awarded from a lot of different reviewers;

Also...if you go here for AERIS, and click on the "Details" tab below the picture of the speaker mid-page, there is an updated and very long list of articles and reviews that you can jump to for AERIS;

If anyone wants to hear AERIS and is ever near Greenville SC, please let me know and we can grab some great music and do some serious listening.