Does anyone own the Bel Canto SET 40?

I have this baby for five years, with NOS tubes and love it. I have NEVER read a post about it, seen (only mine) one for sale, or plain ole general interest in this amp. I just can't figure.
Just makes all music more musical, and I was surprised to hear it rock out too. Positive feedback describes the 845Bs as a huge uptick. I'm far from hearing it at its potential (I assume). So yeh , digging it, but reserving true love for when it is properly tubed .
Hi Berony

I have a SET 40 and am thinking about retubing. I don't even know what tube is there now as they have no paint left. Are you happy with your new tubes? Can you advise me on what you are using now? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Paul
Post your question in a new thread. I know a bunch of expert tubers who will help you out.
Berto used Shugang 845b tubes along with some rare and expensive Tung-Sol blackplate 12ax7s which were really exceptional.

He ultimately didn't care for Telefunken, a sentiment I mirror him on.
Reviving an old thread. I just picked up a restored SET 40 and would love to hear your speaker suggestions as well as preamp suggestions. I am using a Conrad Johnson ET3SE and also have a Tube Linear Audio MicroZotl, but some have said the SET 40 sounds better with a solid state preamp.

Loving the SET sound!