Does anyone own the Audio Aero Prestige Monoblocks

I have a set and would like others opinions on their sound as compared to other amps such as the Lamm Monoblocks.And what speakers sounded best with them or Ideas of what speakers to use with them thanks.
I've been auditioning the Audio Aero Capitole, not yours from Audio Federation out of Boulder. Neli, one of the owners, who I have been talking to about it is very knowledgeable and could probably help you. Try her, worst thing is you know no more. Phone number is 303-546-6503. She does sell the prestige as well and I found her very helpful in tube selection, power cord choices Good luck.
I have spoken to NELLI,supper helpfull.But I am interested in other owners oppinions,or people that may have heard them as well!
Here is a link to an article I found when prowling around the 'Net looking for info on Legacy speakers one day. I remembered reading this piece from a guy who was trying a pair of amps, and comparing them them to others he has tried. He has the Audio Aero amps and after trying other big money amps, he prefers the Audio Aero...