Does anyone own Snell EIII Speakers and/or Stands?

I have a want ad posted, but I know these speakers/stands have been out of production for quite a while, so I am considering either making these stands or having them made. Snell was only able to send a line drawing with measurements for these stands, and I could really use either pictures of the inside/bottom of the stands, or a description of how the stands are constructed, or both.
I have owned these speakers for 8 or 9 years now, using with Adcom (GTP550 preamp, 545 power), and have been extremely pleased with the EIIIs.

My cabling, both speaker and connection, is the major weak link in my current system, and suggestions for complementary cables would also be welcome. Thanks for any help or advice, and if there is an EIII owner out there who would take the time to send pictures or write a description of these stands, I would be extremely grateful for this help.
I'm using a bi-wire set of Cardas Quadlink 5C spk. cables w/ my EIII's. I'm a big believer in using bare wire as I have found they sound better that way. may want see if Cardas sells bulk wire and go that route. Also, I've found that Kimber 4VS/Straightwire "Quartet" are pretty decent spk. cables for the money. I'm greatly enjoying my spks. as well!
Thanks very much. I will check out both the Cardas and Kimber. Do you have the EIII stands?
I do not have the stands. I sit about 8' away from my spks. I have mine slightly titled upwards and I'm using the spikes which came w/the spks. This I found greatly improves upon the sound. Another possible upgrade down the road might be to replace the stock binding posts to some affordable Vampire BP-Hex. I bet this might make these spks. sound even finer! Something to consider. (I'm planning on ordering a set for my Kora Int. amp. in the very near future.) Bill
Thanks again, Bill. Maybe I will luck out and another EIII owner will have these stands and be willing to send some information, even if they don't have a pair to sell. I should have bought stands when I got the speakers, but I was only a couple of years out of college and scrimping for the Es and a preamp.
I thought I would post to this thread again, since there haven't been any other posts in the last few days. I'm still looking for pictures or information on the speaker stands that Snell made to go with these EIIIs. If anyone has a suggestion on where I might look (I've already gotten what Snell could send), please let me know. Should I post my home email address in this forum? Thanks for any suggestions.
I do have a picture of the "stands" Snell offered for this speaker. It's basically a box that the base of the speaker sits in. The bases would be very easy to fabricate, I think, unless there's something else going on in this box besides air.

My brother has a pair of EIIs, though no stands. The stands seem like a good idea. The E really is a great speaker but the tweeter needs to be a bit higher to get it closer to the listener's ear level. Let's connect via email, and I'll locate the picture.

- SJ
I own a pair of Snell E/III's......with the stands.
What do you want to know?
boy have you hit a nerve,
I too have lookedfor the stands for the e lll if you ever ae succsessful perhaps you can share the info with others. thanks
Hi Paulo2, thanks for responding. I'm trying to figure out how the stands are constructed on the inside, how the joints are constructed, if there are any internal braces for support, and if the compartment designed to fill with sand/lead is open or closed. If I am going to make these or have them made, I want to make sure that the joints will support the weight of the speakers.

I can see on my Es that there is a lip that runs all the way around the speaker, approx. 2 inches from the bottom. When in the base, does the weight of the speaker rest on this lip, sitting on the outer edge of the stand, or is there a "top" on the inside of the stand, on which the bottom of the speaker rests? I also have in my head that the compartment for sand would fill from the top of the stand when it's right-side-up, but I suppose it could be that the bottom of the stand would have a panel that removes to add the filler.

SJ sent pictures of front and back views of these stands, which I greatly appreciate. If you can describe the inner and joint construction and/or send pictures of the inside and bottom, it would give me a better idea of how Snell put them together. As I told SJ in my email correspondence with him, my twin sons were born last Tuesday, so I may be slow to respond. Thanks for any help you can give.